Earth Sciences and Natural Resource Management (SES&NRM)

Name of the Dean : Prof. Shiva Kumar
Contact Details :
i) Office Phone : –
ii) Residence Phone No. : 0389-2310705
iii) Mobile Phone No. : 9436149162 / 8415920719
iv) Fax No. : Nil
v) E-Mail ID of the Dean : /
Number of School Board Meetings held under year of report (Local / Full Board) :
1. 27.4.2018 – (Full Board Meeting)
2. 3.11.2017 – (Local Board Meeting)

Names of External Members in the School Board :

Names University / Institute
Prof. V.K. Joshi, Dept. of Dravyaguna,
Faculty of Ayurveda
Institute of Medicinal Sciences, BHU ,
Dr. K. P. Singh, F.N.A.Sc., Professor
Emeritus, Dept. of Botany
BHU , Varanasi
Prof. Ramakar Jha, Environmentalist, Dept.
of Civil Engineering
NIIT, Patna
Prof. Pankaja Singh, G-6, Fortune Glory, Bhopal
Prof. P.K. Saraswati, Dept. of Earth Sciences IIT, Mumbai

Brief Introduction about the School :
The School was initially set up under the name of ―School of Forestry & Earth Science‖, in 2002 and it consists of 3 (three) Departments, Forestry, FEBES (Forestry Ecological Biodiversity & Environmental Science) and Geology. The School expanded with 3(three) more departments namely, Geography and Resource Management, Horticulture, Aromatic and Medicinal Plants (HAMP) and Extension, Education & Rural Development(EE&RD) and the school was renamed ―School of Earth Sciences & Natural Resources Management‖ in 2006. Presently, the School comprises of 6 (six) Academic Departments, the Department of Environmental Science (formerly known as FEBES), the Department of Extension, Education & Rural Development (EE&RD), the Department of Forestry, the Department of Geography and Resources Management, the Department of Geology and the Mizoram University Annual Report 2017–2018 Department of Horticulture, Aromatic and Medicinal Plants (HAMP). All academic departments, except EE & RD Department offer Post-Graduate Studies and Ph.D. Programme under UGC Ph.D. Regulations 2009 was introduced in 2010 while EE & RD started Ph.D. Programme w.e.f. 2015.