Department of Civil Engineering Department

Department of Assistant Professor
Head: Dr. Lalsangzela Sailo (Head incharge)

Phone No.: +91-9402114434

About Us:

The Department of Civil Engineering was established in December 2014 and B.Tech program was started in August 2015. Since its inception the Department of Civil Engineering is committed to research and consultancy for development societal infrastructure. 

Civil Engineering is a branch of engineering with a lot of diversity. The various main disciplines are: structural engineering, construction engineering and management, construction materials engineering, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, environmental hydrology and hydraulics and transportation engineering.

At present the department offers B.Tech (Civil Engineering) course, the department has started the PhD research work from 2019. The Civil Engineering Department carried out various consultancies work in Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation, Water Resources Engineering and Environmental Engineering. The Department serves as third party monitoring agencies for various Government ongoing projects. The number of seats available in the B.Tech program is 30 (Thirty). Admission is done through JEE and MZUEEE (Mizoram University Engineering Entrance Examination) counselling, 50 % seats for JEE and 50 % seats for MZUEEE. Lateral Entry for such diploma holders will be allowed in the Second year (Third Semester) level, if seats are available through MZUEEE.


To impart quality technical education and research, and to produce innovators in the field of civil engineering as well as contributing technology for sustainable development of society.

The Program Education Objectives:

  • To produce civil engineering graduates actively engaged in professional career and allied projects, capable of all types of engineering works including design, supervision of works, and project management.
  • To develop core competency to solve civil engineering and allied problems using the principles of mathematics and science and applying basic engineering tools.
  • To train the students to understand the origin, working principles, and outcomes of civil engineering, in terms of technology, economy, social aspects and environmental aspects.
  • To encourage inquisitiveness and innovation and to motivate them for lifelong learning and further advanced studies or research in civil engineering and allied disciplines.
  • To develop and instil professional responsibilities, ethical sense and principle of sustainable development for the betterment of society and the environment.

The Program Outcome

  • B.Tech (Civil) graduate will be engineering practitioner and leaders, helping solve industry’s technological problems.
  • The graduate will be engineering professional, innovators.
  • Able to design a system, component or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economics, environmental, social, ethical and sustainability.
  • Ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems.
  • Recognizing the need for, and an ability to engage in research and to involve in lifelong learning.
  • Able to use modern engineering techniques and tools necessary for engineering practices.


Dr. Lalsangzela Sailo, Assistant Professor
Mr. H. Laldintluanga, Assistant Professor
Dr. Rebecca Ramhmachhuani, Assistant Professor
Dr. Ruhul Amin Mozumder, Assistant Professor

Mr. N. Vignesh Kumar, Assistant Professor


Dr. Nirban Laskar, Assistant Professor



Programme offered under the department: B.Tech and Ph.D.