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Science & Technology Journal of Mizoram University

       3.1 Concept of introducing a Science and Technology Journal from the Mizoram University was mainly conceived to provide a platform to share scientific, engineering and technological research findings from the academicians and scientists working in the country and their collaborators abroad.

       Moreover, it may be the first peer reviewed journal that is being published from the Central University of the North Eastern Region, India. Hopefully, this Journal will meet aspirations and requirements of the scientists and academicians.


Professor K.R.S. Sambasiva Rao
Vice Chancellor
Mizoram University, Aizawl, India


  • Professor Diwakar Tiwari
    Department of Chemistry
    Mizoram University, Aizawl, India

Editorial Board:

  • Professor N. Senthil Kumar
  • Professor Zaithanzauva Pachuau
  • Professor S. K. Mehta
  • Professor Lalnuntluanga
  • Dr. H. T. Lalremsanga
  • Dr. K. C. Lalthlamuani
  • Mr. Lalhmingliana

Managing Editors (Accounts):

  •  Dr. Awadhesh Kumar
  •  Mr. Zairemawia Pachuau

Professor R. P. Tiwari
Vice Chancellor, Dr. Hari Singh GourUniversity, Sagar

Professor G. D. Yadav
Vice Chancellor, ICT, Mumbai

Professor Anil K. Gupta
WIHG, Dehradun

Professor A. N. Rai
Former Director-NAAC, Bangalore

Secretary- MoES, New Delhi

Professor G. D. Sharma
Vice Chancellor, Bilaspur University, Bilaspur

Professor Harsh Gupta
Member-NDMA, New Delhi

Professor K. L. Chopra
Former Director, IIT Kharagpur

Professor M. M. Salunkhe
Former Vice Chancellor, CUOR, Kishangarh

Professor T. P. Singh
AIIMS, New Delhi

Dr. T. Ramaswami
Former Secretary-DST, New Delhi

Dr. T. K. Chakraborty
Director-CDRI, Lucknow

It is immense pleasure to know that the ‘Science & Technology Journal’ is an Half Yearly journal and being published regularly by the Mizoram University. Further, I am very happy to note that it is a peer-reviewed scientific journal, publishes both experimental and theoretical high quality papers of all areas of science and technology. 

 I strongly feel that it provides an opportunity for publishing the scientific findings of the researchers and advancements in science and technology to the researchers within the country and abroad. The Journal publishes the original and only peer reviewed research articles, reviews and reports from all the streams of Science, Engineering and Technology. In the greater interest of scientific community, the publication in this journal is free and no processing or printing charges and the published articles are available free to download in the Mizoram University website ( Further, I am pleased to note that all archives of this Journal are available on the Mizoram University website and the online submission is partly installed on the website. I hope the Journal may soon be enlisted with several International academic database systems for wider circulation, although already included with the UGC list of approved journals.

 I congratulate the Editor and Editorial Board for maintaining good quality of the Journal for publishing high standard research papers and maintaining the periodicity of the publication. It is very happy to note that the invited and lead research articles across the globe, will enables the journal to go further and pave the way for this Journal to achieve its inherent goals and reach many readers throughout the world.

Tab Content

January, 2019 Vol. 7 Issue: 1   

Prioritization of Receivers for Minimum Possible Error Boundary in Time Difference of Arrival Algorithm

Sourav Kaity, Biswapati Jana, P.K. Das Gupta and Lalatendu Das

Pages – 7 – 12                   Download


Some Results on Weakly Symmetric Kenmotsu Manifolds

J. P. Singh and K. Lalnunsiami

Pages – 13 – 21                         Download


Artificially Intelligent Physics Solver: This AI Understands Newton’s Law

V. Nirmala and A. Rajagopal

Pages – 22 – 28                   Download


New Taxon of Fungal Endophytes from Phrynium capitatum Willd., A Promising Ethnomedicinal Plant in Northeast India and its Systematic and Phylogenetic Analysis

Richa Sharma, Sumpam Tangjang and Amritesh C. Shukla

Pages – 29 – 36                     Download


Interactive Color Image Segmentation using HSV Color Space

D. Hema and Dr. S. Kannan

Pages – 37 – 41                      Download


Impact of Optical Booster to Enhance the Gain Bandwidth for Dense Optical Communication System

Ghanendra Kumar and Chakresh Kumar

Pages – 42 – 46                       Download


A Comparative Study between Pre-Construction and Construction Phases of Champhai-Zokhawthar Road Construction, Mizoram: Air Quality and Noise Quality Assessments

Lalventluanga and H. Lalramnghinglova

Pages – 47 – 53                        Download


Avian Diversity in Mizoram University Campus, Aizawl, Mizoram

Lalawmawia Sailo, G.S. Solanki and C. Lalhruaizela

Pages – 54 – 68                         Download


Thermal Diffusion (Soret Effect) on an Unsteady MHD Mixed Convective Heat and Mass Transfer Flow through Vertical Porous Medium with Chemical Reaction

Sujan Sinha and Maushumi Mahanta

Pages – 69 – 77                         Download


Effect of NAVA for Dense Optical Communication System

Ghanendra Kumar and Chakresh Kumar

Pages – 78 – 81                          Download


In-vitro Evaluation of Actinobacteria for its Potential in Bio-control of Fungal Plant Pathogens

Zothanpuia, W. Carrie, V.V. Leo, A.K. Passari, R. Lalmuanpuii and B.P. Singh

Pages – 82 – 87                         Download


Calorimetric Computation of Enthalpy of Formation of Trisacetylacetonato Chromium(III)

Madhvendu Pathak and Raghvendu Pathak

Pages – 88 – 91                         Download


Common Fixed Point Theorems on Multi-Valued Mappings in 2-Metric Space using T-Hardy Rogers Contraction Condition and F-Contraction

Dinanath Barman, Krishnadhan Sarkar and Kalishankar Tiwary

Pages – 88 – 91                           Download