University Officers

University Officers 

Finance Officer :  Prof. Vanlalchhawna
Phone : (Office) 0389-2330649
Email :

Librarian :  Dr. Lalremsiami
Phone – (0389) 2330640 (O) /(0389) 2320258 (R)

Controller of Examinations: Prof. Lalnuntluanga
Phone: 0389-2330655 (O)
Fax: 0389-2331222

Chairman / Coordinator, etc.

Name Duties Contact No.
Office E-mail Fax
Prof. P.Rinawma  Co-ordinator NET 9436155803
Prof. Lalrintluanga Chairman, Anti-ragging Committee 2343720
Prof. Lalngurliana Sailo
Dean, Student’s Welfare
Prof. Manoj Kumar Verma Proctor 9774003201
Dr. Ruth Lalremruati
Proctor 9436141787  

Officers under RTI Act, 2005

Designation Name Complete Address
Nodal & Central Public Information Officer Dr. R. Zonuntluanga,
Joint Registrar,
Mizoram University, Aizawl, Mizoram,PIN – 796004;Phone : (0389)2330652;Fax : (0389) 2330045
Central Assistant Public Information Officer Shri A.D. Lalhmingliana
Assistant Registrar
Establishment (Non-Teaching)
Mizoram University,Aizawl, Mizoram,Pin – 796004

Phone : (0389) 2331114,Fax : (0389) 2330834

First Appellate Authority Prof. Lalnundanga
Mizoram University,Aizawl, Mizoram,Pin – 796004

Phone : (0389) 2330654;Fax : (0389) 2330834

Transparency Officer Dr. Zairemmawia Pachuau,
Joint Registrar, Finance
Mizoram University,Aizawl, Mizoram,Pin – 796004

Phone : (0389) 2330765,Fax : (0389) 2330834

 Group A Officers

Name Designation Work Allotted Contact
Office E-Mail
Prof. Lalbiakdiki Hnamte Director, CDC College Development 2330670/9862344458(M)
Dr. R. Zonuntluanga    Joint Registrar Establishment 2330652
Dr. Zairemmawia Pachuau Joint  Registrar Finance Department
Dr. K.Zirnunsanga Deputy Registrar General Administration Department (GAD) 2330645
Shri. Lalchhuanawma Hrahsel Internal Audit Officer Internal Audit
Dr. Sanjeev Deputy Librarian Central Library 0389 – 2330073
Shri. Lalzuiliana Thomte Deputy  Registrar Examinations 2330662
Shri A.D. Lalhmingliana Assistant Registrar Establishment (Non-Teaching)
 Dr. Lallaisangzuali Assistant Librarian Central Library  2330640/2330677
 Dr. C.Lalnuntluanga System Administrator ICT Centre
Shri. David Lalchhuanawma Information Scientist Central Library 2330765
Dr. Pauline L. Vanchhawng Chief Medical  Officer (NFCMO) Health Centre 2341205/2330828
Dr. R.K. Lalhmangaihi Sr. Medical Officer Health Centre
Dr. (Maj.) Marx Chand Lenin Medical Officer Health Centre
Dr. SaugataSarkar Assistant Director of Physical Education Sport Department 2301844
Smt. Marina Ch. Ralte Public Relation  Officer Public Relation Cell
Shri. Jacob Lalawmpuia Network Engineer ICT Centre
Shri. LourembamSuraj Singh System Analyst ICT Centre
Smt. Lalhlimpuii Assistant Registrar Finance Department
Shri. Malsawmtluanga Assistant Registrar Establishment (Teaching) 0389-2330773
Smt. Helen Liannguri Assistant Registrar Examinations (PG Sections)
Shri. Lalliantluanga Hauhnar Computer Programmer ICT Centre
Smt. B. Lalhlimpuii Assistant Librarian Central Library
Smt. Rohlupuii Pachuau Assistant Librarian Central Library
Shri. P.C Lalhriatpuia Assistant Registrar Academic & Conference
Shri.  Mekala Sandeep Kumar Assistant Registrar Establishment(Teaching)
Shri. Longjam Ajay Singh Assistant Registrar Finance Department
Shri C.Lalrotlinga
Hindi Officer
Hindi Cell