Anti – Ragging Committee and Anti – Ragging Squad:

Anti-Ragging Committee:

The Anti-Ragging Committee will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the provision of UGC Regulations on Ragging, 2009 as well as other instructions issued by UGC/MoE/GoI from time to time for making the University a Ragging Free Campus.

Anti-Ragging Committee of Mizoram University:

  • Vice-Chancellor, Mizoram University, Chairman (ex-officio)
  • Registrar, Mizoram University, Vice-Chairman (ex-officio)
  • Dean Student’s Welfare, Mizoram University, Member Secretary (ex-officio)
  • SDO (Civil), Aizawl District Court, Member (ex-officio)
  • Officer-in-charge, Vaivakawn Police Station, Member (ex-officio)
  • President / General Secretary, Central YMA, Member (ex-officio)
  • President, MZUSC, Member (ex-officio)
  • Vice-President, MZUSC, Member (ex-officio)
  • Dr.R.Lalchhanhima, MIZUTA Representative (Member)
  • Shri Lallawmzuala Pautu, MUNTSA Representative (Member)
  • Shri A.D. Lalhmingliana, Representative of Parents (Member)
  • Shri Adam S.Halliday, Accredited Journalist, Mizoram (Member)

Anti – Ragging Squad:

The Anti Ragging Squad shall work in coordination with the Anti – Ragging Committee and will be responsible for taking necessary steps to prevent, prohibit and eliminate the menace of ragging in any form within the Campus of the University

Anti – Ragging Squad of Mizoram University:

  • Dean Student’s Welfare, Mizoram University, Convener (ex-officio)
  • Proctors, Mizoram University, Members (ex-officio)
  • Vice-President, MZUSC, Members (ex-officio)
  • Dr. Chhungpuii Khawlhring, Deptt. of RAMP, Warden, Member
  • Dr.Nicolee Lyngdoh, Deptt. of Biodiversity Res. Centre, Warden, Member
  • Dr. Amish Verma, Deptt. of Hindi, Warden, Member
  • Dr. Sweta Dwivedi, Deptt. of Education, Warden, Member
  • Shri R.Lalchhanhima, Deptt. of Infor. Tech., Warden, Member
  • Shri H.Laldintluanga, Deptt. of Civil Engg., Warden, Member
  • Dr. Carolyn Vanlalbriati, Deptt. of Management, Warden, Member