Central Instrumentation Laboratory

The Central Instrumentation Laboratory (CIL) was established in year 2012with a total budget of Rs. 12.50 Crore under 11th plan and financial assistance with DST, New Delhi. CIL is a specialized research facility which houses 15 sophisticated State- of- Art instruments with other supporting/ basic facilities. It has been created with an objective of providing a central facility of latest and Advanced Analytical Instruments for research in the application areas of physical, environmental, biological, allied and interdisciplinary sciences. It caters to the interdisciplinary applications in research to all the Science Schools and also for some research of School of Social Sciences (in the field of material research) at Mizoram University as well as to the academic research institutes and the private Companies/ Industries in and outside Mizoram. This research laboratory facility is common to all Science Schools in MZU and therefore, CIL serves as an academic, research and scientific service provider and helps in the inter-disciplinary academic and research programmes.

List of the Staff in the centre:

Sl Name Designation Phone
1 Sagarika Das Sr. Technical Assistant 908515027
2 C. Lalrinawma Laboratory Assistant 9612519820
  1. To provide a central facility of latest and Advanced Analytical Instruments for research in the areas of physical, environmental, biological, engineering and allied and interdisciplinary sciences.
  2. To provide research assistance to various researchers from MZU, other academic/ research institutes and private companies/ industries.
  3. Continuously upgrade and maintain state- of- art research facility for excellence in research.
Instruments Currently Housed/ Available in CIL:
    1. Microwave Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometer – Agilent 4100 MP- AES
    2. UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer – Hitachi U4100L
    3. CHNS/O Elemental Analyzer with autosampler and TCD detector –Euro Vector, Model: EuroEA3000
Microscopic and Imaging Facility:
    1. Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) – FEI Technai G2 20 TWIN with EDAX Analyzer
UPLC and Mass Spectrometry:
    1. Tandem Quad-TOF Analyser, coupling facility with Liquid chromatography Mass Spectrometer (LCMS)- Waters Xevo G2 QT of MS along with accessories
Protein Purification facility:
    1. Isoelectric Focusing Unit (IEF) & 2D – GE Healthcare
    2. Gel Running system (Hoefer) along with power pack
    3. Image Scanner III- GE Healthcare
    4. AKTApurifier 10 Core System with Pump P903, Monitors UV900 & pH/C 900, unichrome refrigerator.
Liquid Scintillation Counting (LSC):
    1. Liquid Scintillation Counter- Hidex, Finland, Model: 300SL automatic TDCR
Genomics, Mutations and SNP- Typing, molecular Biodiversity:
    1. Real Time PCR Machine (RT-PCR) – Applied Biosystems STEPONE PLUS, 96 Well
    2. *Gradient Thermal Cycler – Applied Biosystems, Model Veriti 96 Well.
    3. *Universal Mutation Detection System (DGGE) – Biorad, Model: DCode
    4. *Gel Doc- Biorad (EZ Imager)
    5. *Speed Vac Concentrator – Operon
    1. Gradient HPLC with UV Detector- Waters
    2. *Gradient HPLC with RI Detector- Waters
    3. *Gas Chromatography (GC) with FID Detector – Thermofisher Scientific
    1. Pulse Amplitude Modulated Fluorimeter-DUAL-PAM-100- Heinz Walz
    2. *Oxygen Measurement Controller (digital, model no 10) equipped with Dissolved Oxygen Electrode – Rank Brothers
    1. ULTRACENTRIFUGE (Refrigerated, 10,00,000 rpm; 8,03,000 rcf) – Hitachi: model no. CP100WX with various rotors
Material Science:
  1. Thermoluminiscence dosimeter Reader with Hot air annealing oven (14”x14”14”), 350/400 degree C. – Nucleonix Systems TL 1009
  2. Lyophilizer cum Freeze dryer-6L condenser capacity (-80°C) – Esquire Biotech.

Note: Equipments marked with * are not the part of CIL and are installed in Botany Department. These equipments are available for use as of CIL.

User Charges:


Requisition Information:

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Download the requisition form from our website & send the filled requisition form by e- mail to skmehta12@rediffmail.com.
All charges will be accepted in form of DD in the name of Finance Officer, MZU and payable at Aizawl. Users have to pay service tax with user charges according to service Tax Act as given below:

Testing and Analysis services at CIL:

12% Service Tax + 2% of 12% as Education Cess + 1% of 12% as Higher Education Cess = 12.36%
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Professor S. K. Mehta
In-Charge CIL
Department of Botany, Mizoram University
Email: skmehta12@rediffmail.com
Phone: 91-389-2330733; Cell: 91+9436353046