School of Humanities & Languages

Name of School : School of Humanities & Languages

Name of the Dean : Prof. Sarangdhar Baral

Mobile Phone No. : 8837419428

Dean’s email : (official email)/ (personal email)
Office email :


  • Mrs.Vanlalringi (Technical Assistant)
    Phone – 9862363163
  • Mrs.H.Vanlalpeki (MTS)
    Phone : 9862355204
  1. School Board Meetings (Full & Local Board): Convened and Presided by Dean: 
Sl.No. School Board Meeting Venue & Date Remarks









SEH (Local Board)

SEH (Local Board)

SEH (Local Board)

SHL (Local Board) 1st Meeting

SHL 2nd Meeting

20th May 2021


10th June 2022(SEH)

10th November,2022,

Dean’s Conf .Hall, MZU– scheduled for   May/June,2023

School of Humanities and Languages (SHL) was started w.e.f 12th August,2022

2. Approves the dates of BOS of ECS, Mizo, Hindi, and Philosophy: 

Sl.No Department BOS Date


1. Department of English & Culture Studies BOS(Full Board) 28th October,2022
2. Department of Mizo 29th BOS (Local) 17th October,2022
3. Department of Hindi 25th BOS (Local) 20th October,2022
4. Department of Philosophy No agenda for 2022

3. Moderation of Exam marks for PG & UG is done at Deans Office :

 The Dean, SHL has verified and passed moderated Mark Rolls/ files for 2023 and forwarded the same to the COE, MZU in case of four department under the School of Humanities and Languages viz: English & Culture Studies, Hindi, Mizo, and Philosophy (PUC).

Moderation of Examination marks was done after every Semester Examinations by the faculties of these departments. Since there are two Semester Examinations in a year, moderation of marks was done twice a year in the office of the Dean.

4. The Dean’s participation in various academic events organized in Dean’s Conference Hall (Upper and Ground floor) by the departments under the school:


Sl.No User Event Date


1. Department of Mizo Ph.D. Entrance Examination 17th August,2022
2. Department of English & Culture Studies Ph.D. Entrance Examination 22nd August,2022
3. Department of Hindi Ph.D .Entrance Examination 22nd August,2022
4. Department of English & Culture Studies Freshers’ Social 1st September,2022
5. Department of English & Culture Studies Parent Teacher Interface 22nd September,2022
6. Department of Hindi Parent Teacher Interface 19th October,2022
7. Department of English & Culture Studies BOS (Full Board) 28th October,2022
8. Dustin Lalkulhpuia Ph.D. Scholar, Deptt.of English & Culture Studies Launching of his  Book (in Mizo) on Literary Theory 14th November,2022
9. Kristina Z. Zama, Asst.Prof. Deptt.of English & Culture Studies Presentation of Study Tour 17th February,2023
10. Department of Mizo Celebration of Mother Language Day 21st February,2023
11. Department of Philosophy, PUC

(Invited talk at the inauguration, Seminar)


in Collaboration with Reasons to Believe Asia-Pacific (RTB/APC) held a Seminar on “the intersection of Philosophy, Science and Religion-a philosophical analysis” 15th February,2023 at Seminar Hall of PUC.



  1. All Ph.D Viva Voce, Ph. D Pre-Sub Seminar and BOS of various departments as attended by the Dean.
  2. Member of the NEP –Task Force to design the NEP syllabus for PG and UG Curricula.
  3. The Dean Chairs Screening & Selection Committee of Teaching Faculty for promotion to next higher post.
  4. He chairs selection for Guest Faculty engagement as per VC’s Notification from time to time.
  5. He chairs the Moderation Board of UG, Philosophy Department, PUC.