Department of Industrial Chemistry

Department of Industrial Chemistry
Head In-Charge: Prof. Diwakar Tiwari, Dept. of Chemistry, MZU

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The Department of Industrial Chemistry, School of Physical Science, Mizoram University was established in the Year 2019 and indeed the academic program is also started from the academic session 2019-20 as M.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry). The PG program in Industrial Chemistry intended to provide theoretical, practical and industrial training to the students of science background. The PG curriculum greatly consists with variety of the courses including with the Foundation, Core and Specialization Courses along with the Open Elective Courses. The Core Courses comprised with all necessary branches of Chemistry including with Physical, Organic, Inorganic, Analytical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry along with the basic concepts of Chemical Engineering. The courses are more focussed on topics related to promising Industries with ample job opportunities including Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum refining and Petrochemicals, Paint, Polymer, Dyes, Cosmetics, Perfumery, Agrochemicals, Fertilizers, etc. The present intake for PG course is 22.


The mission of the program is to provide theoretical, practical and industrial training to the students of science background. The program paves the way to enhance the technical skills and job opportunities of the students in the applied chemical sciences. The course gives a strong foundation in industrial chemistry and helps to gain knowledge in chemical processing, engineering, and industrial management. The goal of the course is to transform the Education to Employability.


The Department looking forward to become a pioneering place of learning in the field of applied chemical sciences. The opportunities provided by the department along with the success of the students will make the Department an ideal place for higher education in Industrial Chemical Sciences.


  • To educate and train the students of Northeast region as well as other parts of India to acquire job opportunities in the chemical industries.
  • To develop research facilities and to establish quality research for the improvements of Industry in the country.

Research Areas/ Overviews:

     The Department, at present, has two faculties who actively pursue multidisciplinary research. Their research interests are broadly categorized as Materials Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry.

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Dr. Lalhmunsiama
Asst. Professor


Dr. Aniket Chowdhury
Asst. Professor