Department of Forestry Department

Department of Forestry
Head: Prof. B. Gopi Chand

Year of Establishment : 1990
Year of First Intake of Student : 1992
Phone No. Department :
Residence : +91-8794154869
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The Department of Forestry was established in 1990 as a campus of NEHU, Shillong with an aim to undertake teaching and research activities in frontier areas of forestry to cater human resource that can support livelihood options for the region. After the establishment of Mizoram University in 2000, the department continued its education and research programs as a full-fledged department and has been established as a leading centre of forestry research and education in the region by producing number of skilled human resource who are actively involved in biodiversity conservation and sustainable forest management. The department aspires to be the world‘s leading centre in the field of forestry education, research.

The mission of the department is:
 to educate, train and bring out the next generation of qualified forestry professionals who could lead the frontier areas of forestry research and extension for the scientific use of forest resources
 to carry out distinctive problem solving and fundamental research on ecosystem analysis, conservation and restoration
 to promote environmentally sound, socially beneficial and acceptable and economically feasible management practices for the natural and modified forest ecosystems with emphasis on shifting agriculture practices
 to share our knowledge with others through organizing national and international conferences and establishing collaborating programs with other national and international institutions to encourage exchange programs for teachers and students through establishing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Position of Teaching Faculty:

Prof. S.K. Tripathi, ProfessorDownload
Prof. Gopichand, ProfessorDownload
Prof. U.K. Sahoo, ProfessorDownload
 Prof. Lalnundanga, ProfessorDownload
Dr. Kalidas Upadhyaya, Associate ProfessorDownload
Dr. Kewat Sanjay Kumar, Assistant ProfessorDownload
Dr. Nagaraj Hegde, Assistant ProfessorDownload
Dr. Keshav Kumar Upadhyay, Assistant ProfessorDownload
Dr. Suresh Kumar, Assistant ProfessorDownload

Programmes under the department: M.Sc, Mphil and PhD