Guest House

 Guidelines for  University Guest House 

  • All requests for reservation of rooms in the Guest House should be applied in writing to the Dy. Registrar (Estate) well in advance. Only those guests who are allotted rooms in the Estate Section should be accommodated.
  • Proper check-out time will be strictly followed as far as practicab1 as below: – Check-out time: 12:00 Noon.
  • All sums received as room rents, food charges or any other charges shall be received by the Manager in cash/cheque.
  • All requests for ordered breakfast I lunch / dinner or tea etc from any individual or par other than staying Guest should be routed through Adm-III (Estate).
  • All members of Court, Executive Council, Academic Council, Finance Committee, Selection Committee, External Examiners of the University and Chief Guest of Convocation or any other special guest of convocation or any other Guest declared official by the Vice Chancellor shall be treated as official guest of the University.
  • All official Guests of the University as specified above shall be rendered 100% free fooding and lodging.
  • For all other Guests who claim official status, he or his sponsor should obtain prior approval of the authority and enclose the same along with the application for reservation of rooms.
  • The duration of stay for official Guest in the Guest House shall normally be not longer than 5 days. Any official guest staying longer than 5 days shall have to pay room rent and other charge as per normal rate.
  • It shall be the responsible of each sponsor (the person who apply for reservation of room on behalf of his I her Guest) to ensure timely payment of bills on behalf of his I her Guest.

 guest house

Lodging & Fooding Charges

1. Single (Non AC) Officials Rs.300/-per day
Non-Officials Rs. 400/- per day
2. Single (AC) Officials Rs. 400/- per day
Non-Officials Rs. 600/- per day
3. Suite Officials Rs. 1000/- per day
Non-Officials Rs. 1200/- per day


1. Breakfast Rs. 40/- Menu for Breakfast
a. Bread Omlette with tea
b. Poori Sabji with tea
c. Chapati Sabji with tea
d. Cornflakes
2. Lunch / Dinner Rs. 70/- (Veg)
Items for Lunch / Dinner

For Vegetarian

Chapati + Rice + DaI +Mixed Veg+Veg+Salad+pickle
For Non Vegetarian Chapati+Rice+Dal+Mixed Veg+Non Veg+Salad+pickle
3. Tea Rs.5/-
4. Coffee Rs. 10/-
5. Mineral Water Rs. 20/-


Rooms available:

Single rooms(AC & Non AC) : 12

VIP Suites : 2

Semi VIP Suites : 8

Contact : 0389-2330645/ 0389-2330731