Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum of Mizoram is established with funding from the Project entitled “Mizoram Biodiversity Documentation and Establishment of a Natural History Museum of Mizoram” had been duly approved and sanctioned by Department of Technology (DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology (NERBPMC). Letter no. DBT-NER/AAB/64s/2017 dated 14.10.2019.

Objective of the Museum
The main objective of the Natural History Museum will be
• to provide a storehouse of collection of the biodiversity of the region
• to provide or act as resources and reference for research
• to provide resources to institutions for education purposes
• to co-ordinate natural history projects with other institutions and organizations, both nationally and internationally

Storage and Display/Exhibition:
An important focus of the Repository is the storage of the different organisms collected from fieldwork in the region. A proper management of the specimen storage is taken care of through preservation practices and standard requirements for each organism. A proper monitoring of the environment to ensure sound and stable conditions of relative humidity, temperature, light levels, pest activity and air quality (dust) and other pollutants is also done for storage or display.

Dr. Lalrotluanga
Assistant Curator
Phone: 9436153937

R. Vanlalpeka
Assistant Curator
Phone: 9862366002

Dr. John Zothanzama
Phone: 9774103023