Department of Botany

Department of Botany
Head: Prof. S.K. Mehta

ear of Establishment : 2005
Year of First Intake of Student : 2006


Currently the department is offering M.Sc. and Ph.D. Degree in Botany. The Department of Botany is assisted by FIST Programme of DST, New Delhi with thrust areas of research as algal physiology and biochemistry, oxidative stress and proteomics of cyanobacteria, microbial biodiversity, forest ecology and biodiversity. Fourteen students are registered in the department for their doctoral research on various subjects. Eleven externally funded research projects are currently running in the department. The research programme in the department is also linked with Central Instrument Laboratory that have several state-of-art research facilities with equipments like TEM, LC-MS, 2D, UPLC, Liquid Scintillation Counter, CHN autoanalyzer, HPLC, high speed centrifuge, PAM Fluorometer etc. The CIL facility is available for all science departments of the university as well as to other users from outside.

Dr. S.K. Mehta, ProfessorDownload
Dr. F. Lalnunmawia, Assoc. ProfessorDownload
Dr. R. Lalfakzuala, Asst. ProfessorDownload
Dr. J. Lalbiaknunga, Asst. ProfessorDownload
Dr. Yengkhom Tunginba Singh, Asst. ProfessorDownload
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Programmes offered under the department: MSc, MPhil and PhD