B.Voc(Bee Keeping)

Skill Based Education under National Skill Qualification Framework
Certificate Course Programme on Bee Keeper

A  new  Certificate  course  on  Bee  Keeper will  be  started  by  Mizoram  University  from  October  2018  for enabling  the  people  in  the  region  who  have  a  background  in  agriculture  to  get  a  formal  education  and training. This Programme is designatedfor the youths of rural and semi urban areas like you, who are willing to make their  career  in  thebeekeeping  sector. The  course “Beekeeper” (NSQF  compliant  level  4),  comprising  of  theory  and practical components andis intended to provide you self-confidence and a new avenue to the future. After completing this course you will acquire all the competencies to carry out beekeepingoperations.This will be full time credit-based  modular  programmes (150  hours,  30  credits),  wherein  banking  of  credits  for  skill  and  general education components shall be permitted.

The curriculum is designed to give overall training to the student on understanding  bee  biology  and  behaviour, Handle  beekeeping  systems  and  beekeeping  equipments, Beehive management, Manage insects, diseases and nuisances in beehive to harvesting, processing and market of products to create and manage bee farming as one of the enterprises. The course has been developed to impart skill based education  under  National  Skill  Qualification  Framework  (NSQF)  recognized  by  the  UGC  under  MHRD, Government of India.

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