UGC Women’s Studies Centre

As per the instruction of the University Grants Commission, the Women’s Studies Centre in the Mizoram University (A Central University Created by the Parliament of India) has been established with effect from 1st April, 2016 by appointing Prof. Lalneihzovi, Professor & Head, Department of Public Administration, Mizoram University as the Honorary Director. The UGC-Women’s Studies Centre, Mizoram University was officially inaugurated on 17th May, 2016 at 11:00 AM at the Auditorium of Mizoram University.

            Women’s Studies Centre, Mizoram University could organised different kinds of programmes since the inception on 1st April, 2016. During the last three years the Centre actively involved in academic related activities such as; National Seminar, Workshop, Awareness Campaign towards Violence Against Women, Skill Development Training, Community Entrepreneurship Development, Food Processing, Training on Health and Food Preservation, Handloom Food & Flower Show, Gender Equality and Sustainable Development, Awareness Campaign, Training on Capacity Building for Women, Certificate Course, Documentation etc. Certain number of Public Lecture Meetings were also organised by the Centre such as – Rural Development – Minnesota Project & Opportunities for Research Scholars and Students, Public Lecture Meeting on Women in Governance, Engendering Administration in India, Lecture Meeting on Cyber Crime within Social Media, Meeting on Rural Development & Lecture Meeting on e- Governance in North East India. The Centre conducted Charity Show and Charity visit every year. Course on Computer Concept (CCC) Three months Computer Course was opened on 13rd March, 2019 at the Centre. The Centre also going to open Open Elective (OE) for the Students from next year.

            The Centre also celebrated International Women’s Day every year. Ms. Rekha Sharma, Hon’ble Member of National Commission for Women, (In-charge of North East India, i.e. Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram) could have the official visit to the UGC-Women’s Studies Centre of Mizoram University and the Interaction Meeting was organised with the female students and research scholars from School of Social Sciences. The Women’s Studies Centre is now manned by Honorary Director assisted 1 Guest Faculty supported by daily wage workers, namely- 1 Office Assistant, 1 Research Assistant, 1 Data Entry Operator and 1 MTS. The Mizoram University has provided office space in the old transit building of Education Department. The Centre is now in the preparatory stage as per the UGC- XIIth Guidelines. The Hony. Director and Guest Faculty were also invited to act as the Resource Persons in number of academic related activities in and outside the state and the country.