Finance Department Notifications

Circulars / Notifications issued by the Finance Department:

Sl. Description Date Download
1  Instructions from MHRD and Ministry of Finance  14/02/2017  Click here to download
2 Compliant of MHRD’s Instructions – Regarding  06/03/2017  Click here to download
3 Approval of Revised Budget Estimate for the year 2016-2017 (Non-Plan) 18/03/2017 Click here to download
4 Approval of XII Plan Revised Plan Allocation under General Development Assistance to Central Universities (Item-wise) 31/03/2017 Click here to download
5 General Financial Rules 2017  15/05/2017 Click here to download
6 Implementation of Direct Benefit Transfer Schemes  17/05/2017  Click here to download
7 Maintenance of High Standard of Financial Propriety etc -Regarding 25/05/2017 Click here to Download
8 Regulations regarding reimbursement and adjustment 31/10/2017 Click here to download
9 Goods & Services Tax (GST) Act: Regarding  14/12/2017  Click here to download