School of Physical Sciences

Name of the Dean : Prof. Zaithanzauva Pachuau

Mobile Phone No. : +919862770341
E-Mail ID of the Dean : /


The School of Physical Sciences became functional (phase wise) during the X Plan period and has, at present, 3 PG departments. Teaching in the Department of Physics commenced from academic session 2003 – 2004, Chemistry: 2006 – 2007 and Mathematics & Computer Science: 2007 – 2008. All PG courses have been framed as per UGC model syllabus/CBCS guidelines in this regard. Full-fledged Ph.D. programme commenced from academic session 2007-08. No. of Students, Ph.D Scholars, Ph.D awarded under the School of Physical Sciences, Mizoram University as on 03.03.2018.

Teaching and Research in the school is supported by dedicated faculty, non-teaching staff and sincere students. There are 19 faculty members under the school (7 Professors and 12 Assistant Professors). There are 30 seats for PG admission in the department of Physics and Chemistry and 35 Seats in the department of Mathematics & Computer Science. During 2007-12, the school received financial support under School Level DST-FIST programme. Department of Chemistry (2016-21) and Department of Physics (2017-22) are currently supported under Departmental DST-FIST programme. The School of Physical Sciences is striving hard with the aim to enrich the students with quality Teaching and Research in various disciplines of Physical Sciences.