School of Physical Sciences

Name of the Dean : Prof. Suman Rai

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The School of Physical Sciences became functional (phase wise) during the Xth Plan period and has, at present, 4 PG departments. Teaching in the Department of Physics commenced from academic session 2003 – 2004, Chemistry: 2006 – 2007, Mathematics & Computer Science: 2007 – 2008, Industrial Chemistry: August, 2019. All PG courses have been framed as per UGC model syllabus/CBCS guidelines in this regard. Full-fledged Ph.D. programme commenced from academic session 2007-08. No. of PG Students, Ph.D Scholars, Ph.D awarded and students qualified (JRF/NET etc.) under the School of   Physical Sciences, Mizoram University as on 10.08.2020 are:

Name of DepartmentNo. of Students (current session)No.of Ph.D Scholars (current session)No. of Ph.D awarded
Mathematics & Computer Science35+37=721712
Industrial Chemistry           17
        214   7262

Teaching and Research in the School is supported by dedicated faculty, non-teaching staff and sincere students. There are 21 faculty members under the school (6 Professors, 2 Associate Professors and 10 Assistant Professors). There are 30 seats for PG admission in the department of Physics and 35 seats in the department of Chemistry and Mathematics & Computer Science, 20 seats in the department of Industrial Chemistry. During 2007-12, the school received financial support under School Level DST-FIST programme. Department of Chemistry (2016-21) and Department of Physics (2017-22) are currently supported under Departmental DST-FIST Programme. The School of Physical Sciences is striving hard with the aim to enrich the students with quality Teaching and Research in various disciplines of Physical Sciences.