Organization Chart

Mizoram University Organizational Chart

The following are the authorities  of the University:

  • The Court;
  • The Executive Council;
  • The Academic Council;
  • The College Development Council;
  • The Board of Studies;
  • The Finance Committee; and
  • Such other authorities as may be declared by the Statutes to be authorities of the University.

 Officers of the University based on Statutes:

The following are the officers of the University:

(1) the Vice-Chancellor;
(2) the Pro. Vice-Chancellor;
(3) the Deans of Schools;
(4) the Registrar;
(5) the Finance Officer;
(6) the Librarian; and
(7) such other officers as may be declared by the Statutes to be officers of the University.

 Particulars of Department’s functions and duties:

Establishment (Non-Teaching) Branch is entrusted with overall establishment and administrative works, pertaining to all Non-Teaching Employees recruitment, transfer and posting, discipline, RTI, training, APAR, fixation of pay, processing o f entitlement of pension (MZU & PUC).

Activities / work of the Department : 1)All administrative / Establishment matters of group A, B & C 2)Recruitment (Direct, DPC, LDC) of Group A, B & C 3)RTI 4)Discipline 5)Training 6)Confidential APAR, 7)Confirmation 8)MACP Scheme 9)Court Cases.

Establishment (Teaching):
Establishment(Teaching) deals with administration and establishment of service for Statutory Officers, Non-vacation Academic Staff and all Teaching Staff of Mizoram University. Direct recruitment of Statutory Officers, Non-vacation Academic Staff and all Teaching Staff is undertaken by the Branch. It administers the Equal Opportunity Cell which undertakes the task of supervising and overseeing the effective implementation of policies and programmes for SC/ST/OBC/PWD and monitoring the progress of the SC/ST/OBC, Women, Minority, and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). The Statistical Cell of the University is also administered by the Branch.

General Administration Department (A):
Year of establishment : 2006. Activities / work of the Department –a)Detailment of all MZU Vehicles and Hired Buses b)Maintenance of all MZU Vehicles c)All matters relating to Estate d)Minor repair and maintenance of university building / infrastructure e)Purchase and distribution of drinking water f)Purchase of all MZU sign boards g)Clearing of Garbage/jungle within MZU Campus h)Acco mmodat ion and Hospitalit y i)Matter relating to security and Housekeeping services j)Protecting demarcation/boundaries of MZU land

General Administration Department (B):
Established in 2006 (Known as Administration II ̳A‘ prior to 2017) .Activities of the Dept. : i) Purchase and issue of Stationery items for all Administrative Departments. ii) Purchase and maintenance of furnitures and equipment‘s for all Administrative Departments, Academic Departments, Guest house, Hostels, VC‘s and Registrar Bungalow, etc. Collecting all implements from all Administrative Departments, Academic Departments, Hostels with Physical verification. iii) Furnishing of Computer Repairing Centre. iv) Maintenance of Stock Register. a)Furniture b)Equipment c)Stationery Art icles d)Repair of furniture & Equipment‘se)Repair of Computer & Accessories v) Issue of all Daks vi) Collection and distribution of dak and Newspaper. vii) Maintenance of Telephone & Intercoms.

Finance Department:
The Finance Department was constituted since the inception of Mizoram University. It is headed by the Finance Officer. The Finance Officer is responsible for the general supervision of funds of the university, and to tender advice to the Vice-Chancellor regarding the financial policy of the university. The department is responsible for holding and managing the property and investment of the university and to ensure that the limits fixed by the Finance Committee for recurring and non-recurring expenditure for a year is not exceeded and that the finances are expended on the purpose for which they are granted or allotted. The introduction of computerized accounting system has not only reduced paper work but has also minimized the number of staff manning the department. The university has also switched over to Accrual System of Accounting from the Cash Basis Accounting since financial year 2008-2009. Annual Accounts 2017-18 has been prepared and compiled as per the revised format as instructed by the MHRD from the financial year 2015-16. The accounts of the university are annually audited by the Accountant General, Aizawl, Mizoram on behalf of Comptroller & Accountant General of India.

Activities of the Department : The Finance Department under the Finance Officer performs the following activities : (a)Preparation of Annual Accounts and Budget of the University and their presentation to the Executive Council and Finance Committee. (b)Keeping a constant watch on the state of cash and bank balances on the state of investments. (c)Watching the progress of the collection of cash revenue and rendering advise on the methods of collection employed; (d)Ensuring that the registers of buildings, land, furniture and equipments are updated and maintained. It keeps a record of equipment and other consumable materials maintained in all offices, Special Centres, Specialized Labaratories, and Constituent College and Institutions maintained by the University. (e)Ensuring strict compliance of all central rules like GFR 2017, CVC and implementation of all economy rationalization measures as suggested by the Ministry of Finance and MHRD.

Conference Section:
This section deals with all conference related matters of the University meetings such as Executive Council, Academic Council, Deans‘ Committee etc. It monitors all statutory meetings; issue notifications; prepare Agenda items which were received from Deans od Schools, Academic Departments etc. Also, prepare Minutes of the meetings and dispatched to all members both External and Internal members in hard copies as well as through e-mail. This section also deals with matters such as school Board, Board of post Graduate Studies, Board of under Graduate Studies, Board of Professional Studies, engagement of Guest faculty and other administrative matters.

Academic Section:
This Section deals with all matters of MZU Registration including M.Phil. and Ph.D. Registrations. The section also makes correspondences with UGC, MHRD, Central, State Government and other Agencies and educational institutions on academic matters and also deals with all admission matters relating to Academic department. The Section monitors financial grants received from different agencies for Research Projects and all academic related matters of the University concerning UG, PG, Professional and Research. This Section also deals with matters like organizing National & International seminars, Refresher Course, Orientation Programme and refund of fees paid by students etc., and also deals with MZU Non-Net Fellowship for Ph.D. and M.Phil. programmes.

University Engineering Cell:
This Cell deals with developmental activities i.e., buildings, issue of tender forms and finalization of tenders, execution and maintenance of buildings etc.

Power and duties of Department’s officers and employees: 

Designation Powers Duties
Vice Chancellor As defined in the Statutes 2 (1)-(6) As defined in the Statutes 2(1)-(6)
Pro-Vice-Chancellor As defined in the Statutes 3 (4) As defined in the Statutes 3(4)
Registrar As defined in the Statutes 4 As defined in the Statutes 4
Finance Officer As defined in the Statutes 5 As defined in the Statutes 5
Deans of Schools of Studies As defined in the Statutes 6 As defined in the Statutes 6
Heads of Departments As defined in the Statutes 7 As defined in the Statutes 7
Librarian As defined in the Statutes 9 As defined in the Statutes 9
Controller of Examinations  OE-10(4) &(5) (Ordinance) O.E-10(4) &(5) (Ordinance)
Dean, Students Welfare OD-6 (Ordinance) OD -6 (Ordinance)
Proctor As Stated in the Statute (8) As Stated in the Statute(8)

Procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability:
Proposals are initiated by Section Officer, vetted by Asst. Registrar, Deputy Registrar, Registrar and Vice-Chancellor, as per the rules laid out by Government of India and resolutions by EC, FC and AC from time to time.

  Norms set by the Department for discharge of its functions:
 The University strictly follows the rules and regulations and norms set by MHRD as communicated by the UGC from time to time.

1. Powers * Act and Statutes
2. Service matters of Teaching * Teachers Ordinances

 Particulars of any arrangement that exist for consultation with or representation by the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof:

 Grievances will be referred to respective committees like Non-Teaching Grievances Committee, Students Grievances Cell & SC/ST Grievances Cell.

Details in respect of the information, available to or held by it, reduced in an electronic form: 
University Prospectus