Online Counseling Service

MZU Counseling Cell

In the wake of Covid 19 outbreak and the University lockdown, which could have adverse mental health effects on the students and the entire university fraternity, the MZU Counseling Cell extends online counseling service towards the well-being, social guidance and emotional support of those distressed during this lockdown.

Operation time:

9AM to 5PM (Phone call or Whatsapp or Text msg)
24/7 (Whatsapp or Text msg)

Duty roster of the counselors for each week:

MONDAY:                  9436140870 (Prof. HK Laldinpuii Fente in English & Mizo)

TUESDAY:                 96125 21664 (Dr. B. Lalzarliana in English & Mizo)

WEDNESDAY:          94361 47508 (Dr. Grace Lalhlupuii Sailo in English & Mizo)

THURSDAY:             92239 66666 (Prof. Zoengpari in English & Mizo & Hindi)

FRIDAY:                    96120 38912 (Lalhmingmawii in English & Mizo)

SATURDAY:              88372 34618 (Prof. C. Devendiran in English & Tamil & Hindi)

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