STJ Vol 7 Issue 1

Prioritization of Receivers for Minimum Possible Error Boundary in Time Difference of Arrival Algorithm

Sourav Kaity, Biswapati Jana, P.K. Das Gupta and Lalatendu Das

Pages – 7 – 12                   Download


Some Results on Weakly Symmetric Kenmotsu Manifolds

J. P. Singh and K. Lalnunsiami

Pages – 13 – 21                         Download


Artificially Intelligent Physics Solver: This AI Understands Newton’s Law

V. Nirmala and A. Rajagopal

Pages – 22 – 28                   Download


New Taxon of Fungal Endophytes from Phrynium capitatum Willd., A Promising Ethnomedicinal Plant in Northeast India and its Systematic and Phylogenetic Analysis

Richa Sharma, Sumpam Tangjang and Amritesh C. Shukla

Pages – 29 – 36                     Download


Interactive Color Image Segmentation using HSV Color Space

D. Hema and Dr. S. Kannan

Pages – 37 – 41                      Download


Impact of Optical Booster to Enhance the Gain Bandwidth for Dense Optical Communication System

Ghanendra Kumar and Chakresh Kumar

Pages – 42 – 46                       Download


A Comparative Study between Pre-Construction and Construction Phases of Champhai-Zokhawthar Road Construction, Mizoram: Air Quality and Noise Quality Assessments

Lalventluanga and H. Lalramnghinglova

Pages – 47 – 53                        Download


Avian Diversity in Mizoram University Campus, Aizawl, Mizoram

Lalawmawia Sailo, G.S. Solanki and C. Lalhruaizela

Pages – 54 – 68                         Download


Thermal Diffusion (Soret Effect) on an Unsteady MHD Mixed Convective Heat and Mass Transfer Flow through Vertical Porous Medium with Chemical Reaction

Sujan Sinha and Maushumi Mahanta

Pages – 69 – 77                         Download


Effect of NAVA for Dense Optical Communication System

Ghanendra Kumar and Chakresh Kumar

Pages – 78 – 81                          Download


In-vitro Evaluation of Actinobacteria for its Potential in Bio-control of Fungal Plant Pathogens

Zothanpuia, W. Carrie, V.V. Leo, A.K. Passari, R. Lalmuanpuii and B.P. Singh

Pages – 82 – 87                         Download


Calorimetric Computation of Enthalpy of Formation of Trisacetylacetonato Chromium(III)

Madhvendu Pathak and Raghvendu Pathak

Pages – 88 – 91                         Download


Common Fixed Point Theorems on Multi-Valued Mappings in 2-Metric Space using T-Hardy Rogers Contraction Condition and F-Contraction

Dinanath Barman, Krishnadhan Sarkar and Kalishankar Tiwary

Pages – 88 – 91                           Download