1. Ethnomedicinal Plants Used Against Diarrhea Available in Mizoram, Northeast India: A Systematic Review
James H. Zothantluanga, Catherine Vanlalhriatpuii, H. Lalthanzara, H. Lalhlenmawia, Hans Raj Bhat and Anshul Shakya
Pages- 5-23

2. MALDI-TOF based Proteomics Analysis of Breast Cancer in Clinical Pathology: A Valuable Tool for Biomarker Identification
Aniket Kumar, Ashis Kumar Ghosh, Sudhanshu Kumar Bharti, Manisha Kumari, Ranjit Kumar, Ghanish Pajwani and Avinash Rajra
Pages- 24-32

3. Browser Security Attacks and Detection Techniques: A Case of Tabnabbing
Dr. S. Sarika
Pages- 33-41

4. 4, 5-Dihydro-1H-Pyrazol-1-YL Derivatives as MAO-A Inhibitors with Antidepressanr Profile: Insilico Design and Docking
T. Rajkumar, S.V. Suresh Kumar and N. Srinivasan
Pages- 42-45

5. Multi Criteria Decision Making Approach and Clustering Technique for Dam Site Selection
Lalhmingliana, Amitabha Nath, Ch. Udaya Bhaskara Rao and Goutam Saha
Pages- 46-51

6. Fuzzy Multi-objective Matrix Game: An Entropic Uniformity Approach
Bablu Samanta
Pages- 52-57

7. Elastic Waves in the Half-space of an Incompressible Thermoelastic Material with Transverse Isotropy
C. Zorammuana, Lalawmpuia Tochhawng and S.S. Singh
Pages- 58-62

8. In Vitro Antioxidant, Antimicrobial and Molecular Docking Studies of Fosphenytoin and Regadenoson Impurities
S. Sathiyanarayanan, C.S. Venkatesan and S. Kabilan
Pages- 63-69

9. F-16/MATV; Optimal Position Controller Design using Robust and Discrete Linear Quadrature Gaussian [RLQG] Controller
G. Kassahun Berisha and Parvendra Kumar

10. FTIR Analysis of Conformational Changes in the Secondary Structure of Ovalbumin: Effect of pH and Cosolvent Sugar-free Natura
P. Agalya and V. Velusamy

11. Segmentation of SAR Image using Fuzzy C-Means and Filters
R. Lalchhanhima, Debdatta Kandar, R. Chawngsangpuii and Vanlalmuansangi Khenglawt
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12. Fractional Order Two Temperature Generalized Thermoelasticity in a Symmetric Spherical Shell
Mohsin Islam
Pages- 91-104

13. Experimental Investigation on Effects Accumulator Initial Pressure, Pump Displacement and Vehicle Speed on Regeneration Efficiency of the Hydraulic Regenerative Braking System
Nityam P. Oza and Pravin P. Rathod
Pages- 105-114