STJ Vol 5 Issue 1

1. Diosgenin: Therapeutic Action, Pharmacology and Applications
Sanasam Sanjeev, Maibam Sunita Devi, Khushboo Maurya, Vikas Kumar Roy and Guruswami Gurusubramanian
Pages- 7-15

2. Optimal Design for Conventional Wastewater Treatment Systems using a Computing Language MATLAB R2012a
Nikhil Bhatia and Lalsangzela Sailo
Pages- 16-21

3. Implications of Use of Tobacco Smoke Infused Water
Maibam Sunita Devi, Sanasam Sanjeev, Khushboo Maurya, Vikas Kumar Roy and Guruswami Gurusubramanian
Pages- 22-31

4. In Vitro Production of Growth Regulator (IAA) and Phosphatase by Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria
Lalmuankimi Khiangte and R. Lalfakzuala
Pages- 32-35

5. Elastic Waves in a Homogeneous/an Inhomogeneous Fibre-Reinforced Elastic Half-Spaces
C. Zorammuana and S. S. Singh
Pages- 36-47

6. Effectiveness of Neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss) Oil against Decay Fungi
Kanchan Rawat, Uttam Kumar Sahoo, Nagaraj Hegde and Awadhesh Kumar
Pages- 48-51

7. Bioefficacy of Mikania micrantha H.B.K against Water-Borne Bacterial Pathogens
Awadhesh Kumar and Nagaraj Hegde
Pages- 52-57

8. Plant Community Structure of Tropical Semi-Evergreen Forest of Reiek in Mamit District of Mizoram
S.T. Lalzarzovi and Lalnuntluanga
Pages- 58-62

9. Effects of Different Post-harvest Treatments on Physico-Chemical Attributes and Shelf Life of Tomato Fruits
Akangtula Jamir and Chhungpuii Khawlhring
Pages- 63-66