Tender Notifications

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SL Tender Last Date Tender ID Link / Platform Remarks
7 Quotation for supply of Printing and supply of Answer Booklets for conducting MBBS Examinations 04-Oct-2022
12:00 PM
2022_MZ_678839_1 Epublishing Pdf
6 Hostel Road 29-Sep-2022
11:00 AM
2022_MZU_712510_1 Eprocurement
5 IIMC Pipeline 29-Sep-2022
11:00 AM
2022_MZU_712484_1 Eprocurement
4 Adm Extension 29-Sep-2022
11:00 AM
2022_MZU_667575_11 Eprocurement
3 Zoology Lab 29-Sep-2022
11:00 AM
2022_MZU_667567_6 Eprocurement
2 Side Drain 29-Sep-2022
11:00 AM
2022_MZU_667261_3 Eprocurement
1 Chemistry Lab 29-Sep-2022
11:00 AM
2022_MZU_667566_3 Eprocurement