Vol 9 Issue 1 & 2

ISSN  No. 0976-5492

Management Convergence

(An International Peer Reviewed Journal of Management)

Vol. – 9                                               No – 1 & 2                                   June-2019


 Editorial                                                                                                                                                 iii

Measuring Food Security under Mountain Specificities: A Review of Existing Metrics 

Deepak Bhagat, Alpha Abani Ch. Marak & Swarnima Tiwari

An Analysis of the performance of Microfinance in Financial Inclusion in Jharkhand 

Neha Prakash & V. K. Pandey

Approaches and Models for Micro & Small Enterprise Cluster Development: A study of Eri Silk Cluster, Umden, Meghalaya 

Hemanta Rabha                                              

Perception and Attitude of Bank Employees towards Banking Services in Mizoram 

           Zothantluangi & L. S. Sharma

Competitor Analysis of Assam Silk Products: An Empirical Study

Dimpal Bharali & Sunildro L S Akoijam

Evaluation of  Training and Development in Travel and Tourism Enterprises in Uttarakhand

Pankaj Kumar