Volume 2, Issue 1,January 2014

Innate Immunity Proteins as Therapeutic Agents

Pages 1 – 32.1

T.P. Singh

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Palynostratigraphy of Lower Gondwana sediments in Ghunghuti area,Sohagpur Coalfield, Madhya Pradesh, India 

Pages 4-14

Saurabh Gautam, Rajni Tewari, Shreerup Goswami and Ram Awatar

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Assessment of air quality of Rajouri town, Jammu & Kashmir, using lichen transplant technique

Pages 15 – 19

Mamta Bhat, Vertika Shukla, D. K. Upreti, Susheel Verma Gaurav Sharma and Rajneesh Anand

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Effect of different planting density and seed size on yield and yield attributes of ginger grown in coconut plantation

Pages 20 – 24

D.K. Ghosh

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 Studies on Phytoplasma and their interaction with plants and animals, associating in Gorakhpur district in Eastern U.P.

Pages 25 – 28

Namita Singh, P. P. Upadhyaya and Adarsh Kumar

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Trachyspermum ammi L.: The Traditional Medicinal Plants and its Bioefficacy against the Human Pathogenic Fungi

Pages 29 – 35

Awadhesh Kumar, Madhulika Singh, Anand Pandey, Amritesh C Shukla and Anupam Dikshit

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 Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) reveals genetic diversity among Anopheles (Diptera: Culicidae) species

Pages 36 – 44

Zomuanpuii Rita, Guruswami Gurusubramanian and Nachimuthu Senthil Kumar

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Traditional Medicinal Plants and their Prospects for New Drug Development

Pages 45 – 52

Binnu Singh, Amritesh C. Shukla and Ramesh Singh

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Study of Reproducibility of the Sensitivity of the Natural Salt (NaCl: Cu,Mg, O, As, Mn) by Thermoluminescence (TL)

Pages 53 – 56

Ramesh Chandra Tiwari, Kham Suan Pau and T.P. Sinha

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Molecular Characterization of Phosphate Solubilizing Fungi associated with Rhizospheric Soils of Banana

Pages 57 – 66

Vineet Kumar Mishra, Ajit Kumar Passari, Kewat Sanjay Kumar and Bhim Pratap Singh

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Botanical Antimicrobials: an Approach from Traditional to Modern System of Drug Development

Pages 67 – 76

Amritesh C. Shukla, J.H. Zosiamliana, Lalrosanga Khiangte, Binnu Singh, Awadhesh Kumar and Anupam Dikshit

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Weed diversity of Arable crops in Mizoram, N.E. India

Pages 77 – 91

U.K. Sahoo

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Allelopathic effects of some forestry tree species on agricultural crops grown in traditional farming systems of Mizoram, NE-India

Pages 92 – 97

Kewat Sanjay Kumar, Jinku R Marak and V.P. Khanduri

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Wetland Resources of Loktak Lake in Bishenpur District of Manipur, India: A Review 

Pages 98 – 103

Prabhat Kumar Rai and Mayanglambam Muni Singh

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