Mizo Events

List of events conducted by the Department in 2016:

(a) List of events in 2016 - 

(i) World Poetry Day was organized on 21st March, 2016 at the Department. Apart from this, all the students and teachers of the Department attended the ‘First Poetry Festival for Young Mizo Poets’ organized by SahityaAkademi& NECOL at the University Auditorium during 15th and 16th March, 2016.

(ii) The Department of Mizo organised, for the first time, Celebration of World Theatre Day at the Main Hall of the Department on 28th March, 2016.

(iii) On 16th May, 2016, Mizo Department Day was observed at the Main Hall of the Department. Special Invitees, as well as students and research scholars of the department attended the function. A book named Thu lehHlaThlitfimna Lam (Literary Criticism), written by Prof.LaltluanglianaKhiangte was also released by Prof. R. Lalthantluanga, outgoing Vice Chancellor.

(iv) Panel Discussion on ‘Mizo Tawng ChungchanglehHmakhua’ (Mizo Language and its Future) was organized at IGNITE Studio on 2nd June, 2016. The programme was broadcasted in local cable channels.

(v) The Department of Mizo organized a memorial service of Mr.LalhminglianaSaiawi at his residence on 13th June 2016. LalhminglianaSaiawi was one of the most popular Mizo novelist, who passed away on 6th June, 2016,

(b) Tentative list of events for 2016-17:

(i) UGC-ASC Refresher Course on 18th October – 8th November 2016.
(ii) National Book Fair.
(iii) Students Educational Tour.