It is the duty and obligation of all the passed out students of the University to enroll themselves as a Member of MIZUAA. All members of the teaching staff of MZU who are not Alumni of MZU, working on regular basis, are eligible for Associate Membership of the Association. The President and the General Secretary of the Mizoram University Students’ Union (MZUSU) are the Ex-Officio Associate Members of the Association.

  The rates of Subscription (Membership) are as follows:

 i) Rs. 200.00 (Term)* and Rs. 500.00 (Life) for Alumni living in India at the time of application and Teachers/Ex-teachers of MZU

ii) US$ 30.00 (Term)* and US$ 50.00 (Life) for overseas Alumni.

iii) Rs. 200.00 for Associate Life Members.

*Term means a term of Office Bearers.