Departmental Facilities:

The Department is having ICT Laboratory with  internet facility where the MLIS students perform their practical. The outsiders  are not allowed to use the laboratory for security reasons. Dr. Akhandanand Shukla, Asst. Professor is  in-charge of the laboratory. However, Mr. Amit Kumar, Asst. Professor also  takes the MLIS practical classes.

 ICT Laboratory:

The Department established a state-of-the-art ICT Laboratory which allows the MLIS students to undertake their Information and Communication Technology Practical. The ICT Laboratory is equipped with 20 (Twenty) Computers with Internet facility. Since the Department has revised its syllabus with effect from July 2011, the curriculum stipulates Digital Library and Content Management Software (CMS) practical. For this purpose the Department acquired Dreamweaver Software for website designing, maintenance and development. Besides this, a hands-on-experience is provided in Library Software, Digital Library Software, and Content Management Software. The Department is also well furnished with Laptop and Digital LCD Projector for teaching, demonstration. The Department also facilitates M.Phil and Ph.D Scholars to use the ICT for Internet access, Project preparation etc.

 Department Library:

The Department established a Department Library since 2005 for Faculties, Students and Research Scholars. The library is well equipped with Classification Schedules like, Colon Classification, 6th Ed., Sears List of Subject Headings, Library of Congress Subject Headings, Dewey Decimal Classification, 23rd Ed., and Universal Decimal Classification and Cataloguing Codes like, Anglo-American Catalogue Code (Rev. Ed.) to support the practical classes in the Department. The Department Library is also having user-centric Reference Materials, Project Reports, Job Diary and Curriculum Stipulated Study Tour Reports to support the students for preparing practical records and examination. Besides these, the Department Library is also in the process of procuring some source reference materials which will yield value for the students, scholars.

 Curriculum Stipulated Study Tour (CSST):

The Department has a provision for incorporating Curriculum Stipulated Study Tour (CSST) as a compulsory component in IIIrd Semester. The primary aim of the CSST is to enable the IIIrd Semester students to,

  •  Acquaint the organization and management of established Libraries and Information Centers at a  national level.
  •  Expose them to the automated and networked libraries on-site.
  •  Making them understand the services provided by these Libraries and Information Centers.
  •  Make a comparative and critical study among these libraries visited, and
  •  Get a practical exposure of the latest trends and development on Library and Information scenario.


Research Facilities:

The Department provides research facilities like, internet, Library, Library automation software, Open source software, etc.