The Department of Extension Education and Rural Development in collaboration with other Academic Departments and MZU Health Centre conducted several Extension Activities and Outreach programmes in the recent past.

Puppet Show:

Puppet show was organized for Primary School students at Tanhril Village and Sakawrtuichhun village on 20th November 2015 and 8th November 2016 respectively with the help of Faculty, Staff and Students of Journalism and Mass Communication Department.  In Tanhril about 150 students and in Sakawrtuichhun about 80 students witnessed the puppet show.
The important themes covered in the Puppet Show include i) Bullying, ii) Drugs, iii) Smoking and iv) Sanitation etc.   Puppet show was also attended by community leaders comprised of Local Council members, MizoHmeichheInsuihkhawm Pawl (MHIP), Young Mizo Association (YMA) etc.

Free Clinic:

With the help of MZU Health Centre free clinic was organized for Sakawrtuichhun village on 10th February 2016 wherein a total of 205 (Adult: M = 26, F = 93; Children: M = 40, F = 46) villagers were benefited.  Another free clinic was organized in Tanhril on 23rd March 2016 where a total of 360 villagers (M = 97, F = 263) benefited.

Training on Mushroom Cultivation:

With the help of HAMP Department Training on Mushroom Cultivation was conducted in Sakawrtuichhun on 18th Jan 2017.  There were about 20 participants.  Another training on mushroom cultivation was organized for interest group in Tanhril on 3rd Feb 2017.  About 25 participants attended the training.

NSS Work Camp:

NSS Work Camp was jointly organized with MZU NSS Volunteers at Lengte village during 31st August – 3rd September 2017.  One waiting-shed was constructed for farmers during the work camp.