Created on Tuesday, 17 September 2013




Name of Laboratory :- VLSI Laboratory/Computer Laboratory


Facilities Available

VHDL (Xilinx),Verilog (Xilinx),MultiSim



FPGA Board (Xilinx: Spartan and Vertex)

PCB Design machine (LPKF S-63), HP Desktop etc.


Name of Laboratory :- Digital Design Laboratory:


Facilities Available

All Combinational and Sequential circuits with shift Registrars, ADC, DAC and etc. design kits are available in the laboratory


Name of Laboratory :- Communication Laboratory:


Facilities Available

All analog and digital communication such as  AM, PM, FM, TDM, FDM, DSB-SC, SSB, PCM, PAM, PWM, DM and etc. kits are available in the laboratory,CRO’s

DSO: 70 MHz, 150 MHz, 4 Channel 150 MHz,Spectrum Analyzer,Power Supply: DC power supply, Dual Display Tracking Power Supply, Multiple power supply and etc.

Function Generator’s etc.


Name of Laboratory :- Microprocessor Laboratory



  1. Trainer Kits,Analog to Digital( ADC) Interfacing Kits,7 Segment Display Interfacing Kits,Stepper Motor Interfacing Kits,DC Motor  Interfacing Kits, Keyboard Interfacing Kits,8212 – Study Card



Name of Laboratory :- Antenna & Propagation Laboratory


Facilities Available

Motorized Antenna Trainer kits (different types of antennas), Doppler Radar, field strength meter etc. 


Name of Laboratory :- Microwave Engineering Laboratory


Facilities Available

Microwave Bench (X-Band), Klystron, Gunn Based, Microwave components etc. 


Name of Laboratory :- Devices and Circuits Laboratory


Facilities Available

Device Demo kit to study the characteristics of different analog circuits like Silicon Diode, Zener Diode, Half wave rectifier, Full wave center tap rectifier, Full wave bridge rectifier, Zener voltage regulator, Inverting Op-Amp, Non-Inverting Op-Amp, Differencial Op-Amp, Op-Amp oscillator, Op-Amp as Integrator and differentiator,CRO’s,DSO-40MHz(Dual trace), 70MHz(Dual trace, 1GSa/sec), 150MHz(Dual trace, 1GSa/sec), Arbitrary Function generator,Function generator(1MHz) etc.


Name of Laboratory :- Analog Circuits Laboratory


Facilities Available

Analog Circuit Demo kit to study the characteristics of different analog circuits like BJT,FET, Class A, Class-B, Class-c amplifiers, Voltage Controlled Oscillator(VCO), Phase Lock Loop(PLL), V-I and I-V converter, Astable Multivibrator, Monostable Multivibrator,CRO’s,DSO-40MHz(Dual trace), 70MHz(Dual trace, 1GSa/sec), 150MHz(Dual trace, 1GSa/sec),Arbitrary Function generator,Function generator(1MHz) etc.