Economics Events

Lists of Events conducted by the Department

(a) Past events

I: Projects undertaken (2007-2013)



Funding Agencies



UNCTAD India Programme on Trade Related Research and Capacity Building (2008 & 2009)

Ministry of Commerce & Industry (GOI), UNCTAD (Geneva) & Department for International Development (DIFD) U.K.


Urbanisation of Mizoram, 2008

Indira Gandhi National for the Art, new Delhi

Cooridnated by Prof Lianzela


Potential of Trade Relation between North East India, Myanmar, Bhutan, China, Bangladesh and south East Asia (2008, 2009)

Ministry of Industry & Commerce, GOI

Project by Centre for North East and Policy Research (C-NES); State Coordinator: Dr. Vanlalchhawna


Problems of Border Areas in North East India: Implication for Thirteenth Finance Commission, 2010

Thirteenth Finance Commission, Government of India

This is joint product initiated by North Eastern Economic Association in collaboration Universities across the North East . The project is coordinated by Prof Lianzela and Dr. Vanlalchhawna


Flow of central development funds in the northeast region and its Utilisation 

Planning Commission, Government of India (2012-13)

PI for Mizoram): Prof Vanlalchhawna


Evaluation of State Finance with reference to the State of Mizoram, 2013  

Fourteenth Finance Commission, GOI

Principal Researcher: Prof. Vanlalchhawna


Poverty and Funding in the North East: States of Assam and Mizoram : Water and Sanitation study in Mizoram

Boll Foundation, Germany

A C-NES Project: State Principal Researcher: Prof. Vanlalchhawna


Proposed North East Region Power System Improvement Project (Political Economy Study) under

World Bank

A C-NES Project, New Delhi; Principal Investigator for Mizoram: Prof. Vanlalchhawna


Baseline Study of National Rural Livelihood Mission 2013

NRLM Project Office, Mizoram. Position held:

Co-coordinator: Dr. James L.T. Thanga


Evaluation of Mizoram State Health Care Scheme 2013

Asian Development Bank.

Chief Consultant : : Dr. James L.T. Thanga


Mid-Term Assessment of NLUP’, January 2013, Position:

under NABARD Consultancy Services (NABCONS) Ltd.

Consultant.: Dr. James L.T. Thanga


Analysis of Food Demand in Mizoram: Projections for 2025, 2011-12,

 Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR).New Delhi

Project Director : Dr. Jaems L.T. Thanga


National Sample Survey on Rural Drinking Water Quality in Mizoram 2012

Public Health Engineering Department, Govt. of Mizoram. 

Consultant. : Dr. James L.T. Thanga


Agriculture Production and Marketing Survey 2013’  

JICA-India Project on the Study of Development and Management of Land and Water Resources for Sustainable Agriculture in Mizoram. Funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Tokyo, Japan.

Principal Consultant: Dr. James L.T. Thanga

II: Seminars/Workshops/Conferences Organised 2006-2013




Title of the Conference/ Seminar etc


Sponsoring Agency


National Workshop on Human Rights

25th March,, 2013

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), New Delhi


Workshop on Armed Forces Special Power Act (Poverty and Conflict in North East India

19th March, 2013

Centre for North East and Policy Studies, New Delhi & Mizoram Economic Association


National Seminar on Financial Sector and Development in North East India & NEEA Conference

14-16 November, 2013



Five Days’ Workshop on Introduction to Statistical Analysis using Excel & SPSS

20-24 October, 2011

Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkota


Workshop on Contemporary Issues of Accountancy and Commerce Education

on 18 November, 2011

Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) New Delhi 


National Workshop on Rights of Women and Children, Disabled and Elderly Persons on organised by Department of Economics

28th November, 2011

Mizoram University and sponsored by National Human Rights Cpmission (NHRC), New Delhi


National Seminar on Financial Inclusion: Issues and Challenges, organised by Department of Economics, Mizoram University and sponsored by

14-16 November 2011

Mizoram University, ICSSR-NERC, Shillong, NABARD etc


National Workshop on WTOs & RTAs

25-26th Feb., 2010

Centre for WTO Studies, IIFT, New Derlhi


Training workshop on trade issues and application of econometric software

28 April-12  to 12 May, 2009 (15 days)

UNCTAD India under UNCTAD-DFID-GOI Project


Workshop on Prospects of Sustainable Development through Cultivation of Medicinal Plants in Mizoram

11 June, 2010, Aizawl

National Medicinal Plants Board (GOI), State Medicinal Plants Board (SMPB), & Horticulture Department (GOM)


Seminar on Exploring ASEAN Markets for India’s North East Product

28-29, May, 2009, Aizawl

UNCTAD India under UNCTAD-DFID-GOI Project


Seminar on Engagement of Developing Countries in RTAs: An Assessment

11 -12 Nov., 2008; Aizawl

UNCTAD India under UNCTAD-DFID-GOI Project


Summer School on Modelling of Trade issues, Development and Globalisation

6 May-2 June, 2008



Workshop on Econometric Methods and Use of Econometric Software in International Trade Research

27-31 October, 2008

UNCTAD India under UNCTAD-DFID-GOI Project


Seminar on The Magnitude of the Problems of Elderly Persons in Mizoram

19 October, 2006, Aizawl

ICSSR-NER, Shillong

Lists events during 2014

February to July 2014




16 April 2014

BOS meeting


19 -23th May, 2014 

Consolidation of C1 marks


16-20th June, 2014

Consolidation of C1+ C2 Marks


23 June 2014

Departmental Research Committee Meeting


August to December 2014




22 August, 2014

M.Phil/Ph.D Candidates Presentation before the Departmental Research Committee


4 September, 2014

Parents-teachers interface


30 September, 2014

Finalisation of C1 Marks


15 October, 2014

BOS meeting


20 November, 2014

Consolidation of C1+ C2 Marks


28 November, 2014

Departmental Research Committee Meeting


November/December, 2014

(i)                  National Seminar with RIS, New Delhi

In collaboration with Dept. of Management (MZU), NIT (Mizoram) etc

(ii)                National Seminar with IIAS, Shimla

Proposal submitted