Mizoram  University

             Non-Teaching Employees Association (MUNTSA)


Mizoram University Non-Teaching Employees Association (MUNTSA) is one of the recognized service associations of Mizoram University.  The Association under the name MUNTSA was established in 2001 and it stands for the welfare of Non-Teaching Staff of the University which extends to administrative, service matters and any other group interests.

MUNTSA is presently affiliated to various regional and national associations/federations having the same interest viz. Central Govt. Employees Federation of Mizoram, North East Central Universities Employees Federation, All India Universities Employees Confederation etc. and actively participates in various activities i.e. meeting, seminars, sports etc inside and outside the State organized from time to time by the above federations.

As per the latest General Election held on 29.11.2013 following persons have been elected as  Office Bearers of Mizoram University Non-Teaching Employees Association (MUNTSA) for a term of one year w.e.f 20.1.2014


President                                ---         Dr C. Lawmzuala                            

Vice - President                     ---        Shri. A.D. Lalhmingliana

General Secretary                 ---        Shri. F. Lalthanzauva                                                          

Assistant Secretary              ---        Shri. P.C. Lalhriatpuia                                                        

Treasurer                                ---        Smt. Lalchhanchhuahi 

Financial Secretary               ---        Shri  Lalchhuanawm Hrahsel 


In terms of the Article XI of the Constitution, the following members have been selected as Executive Committee members:-

  1. Pu Lalrinmawia, Section Officer, Sports Department
  2. Pu Zodinsanga, Assistant, Finance Department.
  3. Pu C. Zohmingliana, Security Officer.
  4. Nl. Kapthangi, Personal Assistant, Finance Department.
  5. Pu. F. Vanlalchhuanga, Lab. Assistant, Adm-II
  6. Pu. C. Rosiama, Pahrmacist, Health Centre
  7. Pu. Johny Lalsailova, SPA, Central Library
  8. Pu. C. Zoramchhana, Driver
  9. Pi Lalfakkimi, Section Officer, Finance Department
  10. Pi Sangzeli, Section Officer, Exam. Department
  11. Pu. Lallawmzuala, J.E., Engg. Cell.
  12. Pi Helen Lalthanpari, Assistant, PRO.
  13. Pi Ruth Laldinpuii Sailo, Assistant, Finance Department
  14. Pi. T. Lalremruati, Assistant, Adm – III
  15. Pi. Zohmingthangi Sailo, Assistant, Adm – I
  16. Pu. R. Lalnuntluanga, Driver
  17. Pu. Rokunga, Peon
  18. Pu. C. Zothanzauva, JLA, Central Library
  19. Pu. C. Vanlalzuia, Lab. Assistant
  20. Pu. Ari Benjamin LR Hmar, Coach, Sports Department
  21. Pu Lalnunmawia, LDC, Adm – II
  22. Pi. C. Lalchhandami, Technical Assistant,
  23. Pu. Lalsangliana Sailo, LDC, Exam. Department
  24. Tv. Nengthian Lal, Assistant, CDC
  25. Tv. H. Lalnuntluanga, Technician (workshop)
  26. Pu. H.T. Lalmuankima, Technical Assistant
  27. Tv. Lalthlamuana, LDC, Finance Department
  28. Tv. Lalliantluanga, A.E. (Elect), Engg. Cell
  29. Nl. Margaret Lalchhanhimi, LDC (Hindi),
  30. Pu. V. Lalrimawia, Chow.