List of Mphil degree awarded after March, 2016

Sl.No. Name of the Candidate Department M.Phil & MZU Regn.  No                               Title of Dissertation Grade Supervisor Order No
1 Mr. Ravi Prakash Yadav Biotechnology

MZU/ M.Phil./
229 of 22.05.2015
6741 of 2014

Analyses of Mutation in Cell
Cycle Genes Associated with Gastric Cancer
in Mizo Poplulation
O Prof. N. Senthil Kumar

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-7(SLS)/15/46

Dated: 1st April, 2016

2. Ms. Marcy D. Momin Biotechnology

MZU/ M.Phil./
200 of 22.05.2015
5005 of 2011

Studies of Endophytic Actinomycetes
associated with Medicinal Plants for their plant growth promoting activities
O Dr. Bhim Pratap Singh

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-6(SLS)/15/50

Dated: 5th April, 2016

3. Mr. Doumuanlal Economics  MZU/ M.Phil./
202 of 22.05.2015
1143 of 2009-10
Incidence and Dimensions of Child Labour in
Aizawl City
O  Dr. Lalhriatpuii

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-69(SEMIS)/15/48

Dated: 5th April, 2016

 4.  Ms. Lalrinmawii Pachuau  Social Work MZU/ M.Phil./
246 of 01.05.2015
5770 of 2012 
Perception od Child Sexual Abuse Among School Children in Aizawl District, Mizoram  A Dr. Henry Z. Pachuau

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-77(SSS)/15/62

Dated: 5th April, 2016

5. Ms. Ruby Laltlanmawii Bawitlung Social Work MZU/ M.Phil./
243 of 01.05.2015
5747 of 2012
Community Participation and performance
of Anganwadi Centres (AWCs) in
Aizawl, Mizoram
A Dr. Elizabeth H

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-78(SSS)/15/48

Dated: 5th April, 2016

6. Ms. Lalhruaitluangpuii Commerce MZU/ M.Phil./
241 of 22.05.2015
5944 of 2012
A Study of Customer Trust in Advertising
Media among the Students of
Mizoram University
O Prof. Bhartendu Singh

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-82(SEMIS)/15/45

Dated: 5th April, 2016

7. Ms. Steffi C. Beingiachhiezi Political Science MZU/ M.Phil./
231 of 01.05.2015
240 of 2012
Mara Autonomous District Council: Evolution and Development O Dr. J. Doungel

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-94(SSS)/15/65

Dated: 7th April, 2016

8. Ms. Lucy Lalrintluangi Fanai Commerce MZU/ M.Phil./
226 of 22.05.2015
843 of 2009-10
Production and financial Practices of Coffee Growers in Lunglei district, Mizoram O Dr. R.N. Rokendro Singh

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-84(SEMIS)/15/55

Dated: 13th April, 2016

9. Mr. C. Lalhmingliana Political Science MZU/ M.Phil./
238 of 01.05.2015
158 of 2015
Unification Movement of the Zo people A Prof. J. Doungel

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-96(SSS)/15/65

Dated: 21st April, 2016

10. Mr. K. Laldinkima Economics MZU/ M.Phil./
233 of 22.05.2015
164 of 2009-10
Performance of Tea Growers in Miozoram:  A Case Study of Biate Cluster A Dr. James L.T. Thanga

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-71(SEMIS)/15/52

Dated: 28th April, 2016

11. Mr. V. Zothankhuma Public Administration MZU/ M.Phil./
256 of 1.05.2015
6944 of 2014
Human Resource Development in Mizoram: Role of Administrative Training Institute O

Prof. Lalneihzovi

Joint Supervisor:
Dr. Ningthoujam Irina Devi

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-88(SSS)/15/48

Dated: 4th May, 2016

12. Mr. Lalthatluanga Political Science MZU/ M.Phil./
239 of 1.05.2015
4038 of 2009 - 10
Political Socialisation of the youth in Mizoram: A Case Study of the Youth in Kolasib District A

Dr. Ayangbam Shyamkishor

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-93(SSS)/15/63

Dated: 4th May, 2016

13 Ms. Lalhruaitluangi Education MZU/ M.Phil./
216 of 21.05.2015
1386 of 2007 - 08
A Study of the Attitude of Parents, Headmasters and Teachers of Elementary Schools in Mizoram towards Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation 'O'

Dr. Lalbiakdiki Hnamte

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-55(SEH)/15/55

Dated: 26th May, 2016

14 Ms. H. Lalramliani Psychology MZU/ M.Phil./
225 of 01.05.2015
765 of 2004 - 05
Health Related Quality of Life, Negative Emotional States and Spiritual Well-being of Cancer Patients. O

Prof. C. Lalfamkima varte

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-81(SEH)/15/55

Dated: 1st June, 2016

15 Ms.Lalhualhimi Political Science MZU/ M.Phil./
255 of 01.05.2015
259 of 2015
Political participation of women in Mizoram: A Study of Aizawl Municipal Council and Local Councils. A

Dr. Suwa Lal Jangu

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-95(SSS)/15/60

Dated: 3rd June, 2016

16. Mr. Lalengkima Political Science  

MZU/ M.Phil./
232 of 01.05.2015
2612 of 2008-09

Ethnic Relations in Mizoram: A study of Mizo and Bru in Mamit Districts   O  Dr. Suwa Lal Jangu

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-92(SSS)/15/57

Dated: 17th June, 2016

17. Zirsangzuali Library & Information Science  

MZU/ M.Phil./223 of 22.05.2015
194 of 2015

A Study on Government Recognized Non-Governemental Organisations (NGO) Libraries in Aizawl   Dr. S.N. Singh

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-80(SEMIS)/15/48

Dated: 10th August, 2016

18. Lalliantluanga Ralte Education

MZU/ M.Phil./217 of 21.05.2015
194 of 2015

Child Labour and Education in Rural Areas of Zawlnuam Block of Mizoram: A Case Study   O Prof. B.B. Mishra 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-56(SEH)/15/54

Dated: 17th August, 2016

19. Ramnundanga Commerce

MZU/ M.Phil./245 of 22.05.2015
5738 of 2012

Financial Management of Micro Enterprises in Bairabi Bamboo Cluster in North East India.  Dr. Rama Ramswamy 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-85(SEMIS)/15/48

Dated: 8th September, 2016

20. Ms. Lalramchuani Economics

MZU/ M.Phil./215 of 22.05.2015
1138 of 2009-10

 Production and Marketing of Arecanut in Mizoram: A Case study of Bilkhawthlir Cluster  Prof. Vanlalchhawna

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-85(SEMIS)/15/42

Dated: 9th September, 2016

21. Ms. Lalmawipuii Chawngthu Education

MZU/ M.Phil./254 of 21.05.2015
2 of 2012

An evaluate study of English textbooks prescribed for Class-X by Mizoram Board of School Education.   O  Prof. Lalhmasai Chuaungo

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-57(SEH)/15/4

Dated: 9th September, 2016

22. Lalhlupuii Ralte English

MZU/ M.Phil./208 of 21.05.2015
1634 of 2007-08

Dynamics of the Multiculturalism in Selected Works of Zadie Smith.   A  Dr. Margaret L. Pachuau

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-60(SEH)/15/47

Dated: 16th September, 2016

 23. Gloria Lalchhanhimi  Education   MZU/ M.Phil./204 of 21.05.2015
4239 of 2009-10
 ICT in Elementary Teacher Education Programmes : Case Studies of DIETs in Aizawl and Lunglei  Prof. R.P. Vadhera

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-53(SEH)/15/50

Dated: 23rd September, 2016

 24.  C. Lalnunmawia Economics   MZU/ M.Phil./201 of 22.05.2015
4639 of 2012
A Study of State's Own Tax Revenue in Mizoram   Prof. Lianzela

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-68(SEMIS)/15/50

Dated: 23rd September, 2016

25. Marlyn Lalnunmawii Sailo English

MZU/ M.Phil./219 of 21.05.2015
241 of 2013

Re-presenting the Past: A Study of Selected Novels of Julian Barnes. O Prof. Sarangadhar Baral

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-64(SEH)/15/48

Dated: 28th September, 2016

26. Mr. C. Lalrinzuala English

MZU/ M.Phil./207 of 21.05.2015
1023 of 2007-08

The Liminal experience: A Study of Selected works of Aarons and Lee.  Dr. K.C. Lalthlamuani 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-58(SEH)/15/41

Dated: 13th October, 2016

27. Ms. Lalnunmawii Commerce

MZU/ M.Phil./251 of 22.05.2015
6760 of 2014

Religiosity and attire: A Study on buying behaviour among the Mizo.   O Dr. Laldinliana 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-86(SEMIS)/15/56

Dated: 13th October, 2016 

28. Ms. Vanlalhruaii Sailo Library and Information Science

MZU/ M.Phil./214 of 22.05.2015
825 of 2007-08

Choice Based Credit System in Library & Information Science in Mizoram University: A Case Study   Dr. Lalngaizuali

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-75(SEMIS)/15/59

Dated: 18th October, 2016

29. Mr. Hosana Lalenvela Khiangte History and Ethnography

MZU/ M.Phil./220 of 01.05.2015
1698 of 2008-09

 Resistance in Southern Mizoram during the Colonial Period. Dr. Lalngurliana Sailo 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-84(SSS)/15/53

Dated: 25th October, 2016 

30 Ms. Laldinkimi Khiangte Commerce

MZU/ M.Phil./227 of 22.05.2015
115 of 2015

Entrepreneurial Traits of Ginger Growers in Mizoram : A Case Study of Khampat Village O Dr. Rama Ramswamy

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-83(SEMIS)/15/55

Dated: 15th November, 2016

31 MS. L.V. Lalsangkimi History and Ethnography

MZU/ M.Phil./247 of 01.05.2015
233 of 2013 

Patriarchy in Colonial Mizoram  Dr. Hmingthanzuali 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-86(SSS)/15/67
Dated: 3rd November, 2016

32 Mr. Immanuel Lalruatsanga Education

MZU/ M.Phil./205 of 21.05.2015
3020 of 2008-09

Participation of Secondary School Teachers in School Management with reference to their Gender, Teaching Experience and Types of Management in Aizawl City.   A  Dr. H. Malsawmi

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-54(SEH)/15/57
Dated: 4th November, 2016

33 Ms. Angela Lallawmkimi Hindi

MZU/ M.Phil./261 of 21.05.2015
4148 of 2009-10

Krishna Sobati Ke Upanyas "Samay Sargam" Ka Aalochanatmak Adhyayan  Dr. Priti Rai 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-54(SEH)/15/45
Dated: 16th November, 2016

34 Mr. Lalengkima Economics

MZU/ M.Phil./230 of 22.05.2015
467 of 2009-10

Economics of Grape Cultivation in Mizoram: A Case Study of Champhai Cluster   O  Dr. Lalrinthanga

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-54(SEMIS)/15/48
Dated: 16th November, 2016

35 Ms. Lalmuanzuali Economics

MZU/ M.Phil./203 of 22.05.2015
1139 of 2009-10

Pattern of Fuel Consumption among Two-wheeler Owners in Aizawl City O Prof. Thangchungnunga

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-73(SEMIS)/15/50
Dated: 5th January, 2017

36 Ms. Ajanta Sharma  History and Ethnography

MZU/ M.Phil./248 of 01.05.2015
184 of 2015

Mental Health Service in Colonial North east India : Tezpur Lunatic Asylum, 1876-1947 O Dr. Khwairakpam Premjit Singh

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-85(SSS)/15/58
Dated: 13th January, 2017

37 Ms. Lydia Lalduhawmi English

MZU/ M.Phil./218 of 21.05.2015
1833 of 2009-10

The Young Female Adult in Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games Trilogy O Dr. Lalrindiki T. Fanai

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-63(SES)/15/49
Dated: 17th January, 2017

38 Mr. Premenda Kumar Singh Management

MZU/ M.Phil./319 of 22.04.2016
32 of 2008-09

Corporate Social Responsibility in Mizoram : A Comparative Analysis of Public & Private Sector Banks O Dr. Bidhu Kanti Das

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-100(SEMIS)/16/53
Dated: 18th January, 2017

39 Ms. K. Lalmuanpuii Public Administration

MZU/ M.Phil./334 of 22.04.2016

Mizoram Khadi & Village Industries Board for Promoting Entrepreneurship A Prof. Lalneihzovi

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-120(SSS)/16/56
Dated: 25th January, 2017

40 Mr. C. Vanlalzawna Management

MZU/ M.Phil./316 of 22.04.2016
256 of 2013

A Study of Financial Performance Evaluation of Banks in India O Dr R.K. Giridhari Singh

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-99(SEMIS)/16/54
Dated: 10th February, 2017

41 Ms. Nongmeikapam Jinalee Management

MZU/ M.Phil./318 of 22.04.2016

Emotional Intelligence among the employees of Babina Healthcare and Hospitality Industries Pvt.Ltd : a Case Study O Dr. Amit Kumar Singh

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-97(SEMIS)/16/44
Dated: 10th February, 2017

42 Ms. Lalrinkimi Library & Information Science

MZU/ M.Phil./315 of 22.04.2016

Bibliometric Study of Research Publications of Faculties in School of Life Sciences, Mizoram University O Dr. M.K. Verma

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-90(SEMIS)/16/47
Dated: 9th March, 2017

43 Mr. R. Lalbiakmawia Library & Information Science

MZU/ M.Phil./314 of 22.04.2016
5051 of 2010-11

Webometric Study of Indian Institute of management (IIMS) Website: A Study O Dr. M.K. Verma

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-95(SEMIS)/16/45
Dated: 9th March, 2017

44 Ms. Agnes Lalremruati Economics

MZU/ M.Phil./281 of 22.04.2016

Gender Role in the Livelihood Activities of Shifting Cultivation in Mizoram : A Case Study of Chawngtlai Village O Dr. James L.T. Thanga

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-112(SEMIS)/16/46
Dated: 9th March, 2017

45 Ms. C. Lalremsiami Political Science

MZU/ M.Phil./328 of 22.04.2016

Maritime Security in the South China Sea: A Study on the role of India and its Implications O Prof. J.K. Patnaik

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-127(SSS)/16/44
Dated: 10th March, 2017

46 Ms. Lalchhanhimi Colney Library & Information Science

MZU/ M.Phil./311 of 22.04.2016
5576 of 2013

Use of E-Resources by Faculties and Students of National Insitute of Technology (NIT), Mizoram : A Study O Dr. Lalngaizuali

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-93(SEMIS)/16/39
Dated: 15th March, 2017

47 Ms. Thokchom Valentina Devi Social Work

MZU/ M.Phil./344 of 22.04.2016

Women Living with HIV/AIDS and their Livelihood Strategies in Imphal, Manipur. A Prof. C. Devendiran

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-109(SSS)/16/54
Dated: 15th March, 2017

48 Ms. Lalchhanhimi Economics

MZU/ M.Phil./287 of 22.04.2016
5640 of 2013

Socio-Economic Status of Women Vegetable Vendors in Aizawl City : A Case Study O Dr. Lalhriatpuii

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-109(SEMIS)/16/55
Dated: 23rd March, 2017

49 Mr.C. Lalroluahpuia Economics

MZU/ M.Phil./264 of 22.04.2016
1725 of 2008-09

A Study on the Performance of MSMEs in Lunglei District, Mizoram O Prof. Vanlalchhawna

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-105(SEMIS)/16/51
Dated: 23rd March, 2017

50 Mr. Khuangthansanga Pakhuangte Public Administration

MZU/ M.Phil./337 of 22.04.2016

Working of Mizoram State Social Audit, Accountability and Transparency A Dr. A. Muthulakshmi

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-116(SSS)/16/53
Dated: 24th March, 2017

51 Ms. Florida K. Lynapawpi History & Ethnography

MZU/ M.Phil./308 of 22.04.2016
5339 of 2013

Socio-cultural History of the Zyhno in Pre-colonial Mizoram O Prof. Orestes Rosanga

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-123(SSS)/16/46
Dated: 27th March, 2017

52 Ms. Lallawmawmi Library & Information Science

MZU/ M.Phil./310 of 22.04.2016

Collection Development and Services of Special Libraries in Aizawl A Dr. Lalngaizuali

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-92(SEMIS)/16/46
Dated: 24th March, 2017

53 Ms. Lalrintluangi Psychology

MZU/ M.Phil./333 of 22.04.2016
993 of 2009-10

Materialism, Religiosity and Subjective Well-being in Relation to Age O Dr. Zoengpari

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-102(SSS)/16/53
Dated: 31st March, 2017

54 Mr. Zoramthanga Political Science

 MZU/ M.Phil./271 of 01.05.2015


Voting Behavior of Youth in Aizawl District: A Case study of the Seventh Assembly Election   Prof. K.V. Reddy

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-99(SSS)/16/62

Dated: 16th January, 2017 

55 Ms. Lalsangliani Ralte English

MZU/ M.Phil./210 of 21.05.2015

242 of 2013 

Counter - Voices in Selected Poems from North East India  Prof. Margaret Ch. Zama 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-62(SEH)/15/51
Dated: 17th January, 2017

56 Mr. Lalramengmawia English

MZU/ M.Phil./209 of 21.05.2015

1521 of 2009-10 

Representation of the Pawih in Select Mizo Folktales   O  Dr. Thongam Dhanajit Singh

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-61(SEH)/15/50
Dated: 7th February, 2017 

57 Ms. Saizampuii Sailo Management

MZU/ M.Phil./320 of 22.04.2016

Savings & Investment Behaviour of Bank Employees in Aizawl   O Dr. R.K. Giridhari Singh 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-98(SEMIS)/16/57
Dated: 21st February, 2017 

58 Mr. Martius Rangiasaid Rynjah Social Work

MZU/ M.Phil./340 of 22.04.2016

Faith Based Organisaton and Development in Shillong, Meghalaya  Prof. Kanagaraj Easaran 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-105(SSS)/16/41

Dated: 23rd February, 2017 

59 Mr. K. Lalchhuanpuia History & Ethnography

MZU/ M.Phil./309 of 22.04.2016
3386 of 2009-10

Tribal Warfare of the Lai in Pre-Colonial Mizoram   O Prof. Orestes Rosanga 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-124(SSS)/16/48
Dated: 24th February, 2017 

60 Ms. Lalramhluni Pachuau Psychology

MZU/ M.Phil./331 of 22.04.2016
262 of 2013

Perceived Parenting Styles, Self-Efficacy and Stress Among Alcoholics  Prof. C. Lalfamkima Varte 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-101(SSS)/16/60
Dated: 27th February, 2017 

61 Ms. C. Lalnunmawii Hindi

MZU/ M.Phil./260 of 21.05.2015
661 of 2009-10

Maitreyi Pushpa Ke Upanyas 'Chak' Ka Vishleshnatmak Adhayan   Dr. Priti Rai

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-66(SEH)/15/46
Dated: 13th March, 2017 

62 Ms. Janet Gonmei Social Work

MZU/ M.Phil./350 of 22.04.2016

Psychosocial Factors of Stress and Coping Patterns of Student Youth in Dimapur, Nagaland   O Prof. C. Devendiran 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-131(SSS)/16/51
Dated: 20th March, 2017 

63 Mr. N. Samuel Douminthang Baite Social Work

MZU/ M.Phil./338 of 22.04.2016

Social capital and Community Development in the Border Town of Moreh, Manipur   O Prof. Kanagaraj Easwaran 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-106(SSS)/16/47
Dated: 20th March, 2017

64 Ms. Lalrinzuali Sailo Zoology

MZU/ M.Phil./346 of 22.04.2016

Ameliorative role of carnitine on monosodium glutamate induced testicular toxicity in Wistar albino rtas   Prof. G. Gurusubramanian

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-9(SLS)/16/51
Dated: 30th March, 2017 

65. Mr. Lokesh Chakma Social Work

MZU/ M.Phil./341 of 22.04.2016
119 of 2014

Socio-economic Infrastructure and tribal developmeny in Chakma Settlements in Mizoram.  Prof. Kanagaraj Easwaran 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-110(SSS)/16/52
Dated: 11th April, 2017 

66 Ms. C. Lalmuanpuii Social Work

MZU/ M.Phil./343 of 22.04.2016
1170 of 2010-11

Children with Disability in Aizawl: A Situational Analysis.   O Dr. Henry Z. Pachuau 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-103(SSS)/16/61

Dated: 12th April, 2017 

67 Ms. Lily Sangpui Social Work

MZU/ M.Phil./339 of 22.04.2016

Trans Border Migration and Livelihood: The Case of Migrant workers from  Myanmar in Mizoram   O Prof. Kanagaraj Easwaran 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-104(SSS)/16/50
Dated: 17th April, 2017 

68 Mr. Laltanpuia Chhangte Psychology

 MZU/ M.Phil./332 of 22.04.2016
5749 of 2012 

Role of Aggression Impulsivity and Interpersonal Problem Among Rapists  Prof. Zokaitluangi 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-101(SSS)/15/57
Dated: 17th April, 2017 

69 Ms. Lalhlimpuii Chinzah Social Work

 MZU/ M.Phil./249 of 01.05.2015
75 of 2015 

Women's Reproductive and Child Health Care in Lawngtlai, Mizoram  Dr. H. elizabeth 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-74(SSS)/15/57
Dated: 27th April, 2017

70 Mr. Emmanuel R. Hmingthantlu anga Psychology

 MZU/ M.Phil./349 of 22.04.2016
2799 of 2009-10 

Impact of Social Support on Mental Well-being and Demoralization of the Mizo Elderly.  Prof. C. Lalfamkima Varte 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-130(SSS)/16/59
Dated: 27th April, 2017 

71 Ms. Lalparmawii Khiangte Psychology

MZU/ M.Phil./330 of 22.04.2016
4276 of 2009-10 

Ethnic Identity and Self Concept in Relation to Mental Well-being: A Study Among the Indian Gorkhas in Aizawl.  Prf. H.K. Laldinpuii Fente 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-100(SSS)/16/51

Dated: 27th April, 2017 

72 Ms. Juliana Lalthasangi Public Administration

MZU/ M.Phil./336 of 22.04.2016
5919 of 2012

Mizoram State Social Welfare Board: Organisational Structure Working   A Dr. Laltanpuii Ralte 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-118(SSS)/16/50

Dated: 27th April, 2017 

73 Ms. F. Laltlamkimi English

MZU/ M.Phil./301 of 19.04.2016
2075 of 2010-11

Dynamics of Conspiracy in Select Novels of Sidney Sheldon   O  Prof. Margaret L. Pachuau

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-79(SEH)/16/53

Dated: 27th April, 2017 

74 Ms. Esther Lalfakmawii Public Adminstration

MZU/ M.Phil./335 of 22.04.2016
2250 of 2007-08

Role of Self-Help Groups in Integrated Watershed Management Programme in Aizawl District: A Study of Tlangnuam Rural Development Block   Prof. Lalrintluanga  F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-119(SSS)/16/43

Dated: 27th April, 2017

75 C. Lalremruata History & Ethnography

 MZU/ M.Phil./306 of 22.04.2016
5370 of 2010-11

Knowledge Production in Colonial Mizoram   O  Dr. Hmingthanzuali  

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-121(SSS)/16/43
Dated: 4th May, 2017

76 Elpius Lyngkhoi Social Work

MZU/ M.Phil./275 of 22.04.2016

Self Help Groups and women Empowerment in West Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya O Dr.H. Elizabeth F.No. Ex/M.Phil./10-112(SSS)/16/53
Dated: 12th May, 2017
77 Obed Lalmalsawma Political Science

 MZU/ M.Phil./326 of 22.04.2016
3396 of 2010-11

india-Afghanistan Relations (2001-2014)   Dr. Suwa Lal Jangu

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-126(SSS) /16/45
Dated: 8th May, 2017

78 Sharon Rodingliani Social Work

MZU/ M.Phil./345 of 22.04.2016
66 of 2014 

Perceptions of Child Adoption in Aizawl, Mizoram  Dr. Henry Z. Pachuau 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-107(SSS) /16/57
Dated: 8th May, 2017 

79 Ng. Thermi Moyon Library & Information Science

MZU/ M.Phil./312 of 22.04.2016

Bibliometric Study of Indian Open Access LIS Journals in Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)   A Dr. Akhandanand Shukla 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-94(SEMIS) /16/54
Dated: 8th May, 2017 

80 Mr. Lalrinngheta Political Science

MZU/ M.Phil./329 of 22.04.2016
2054 of 2010-11

Centre -State Relations : A Study of Congress Regime in Mizoram (2013-2016) O Prof. K.V. Reddy

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-128(SSS) /16/46
Dated: 22nd May, 2017 

81 Ms. Christine Vanlalbiakdiki Sailo Biotechnology

MZU/ M.Phil./277 of 22.04.2016

Studies on the prevalence of Human papillomavirus associated with cervical lesions among Mizo women O Prof. N.Senthil kumar

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-8(SLS) /16/43
Dated: 22nd May, 2017

82 Ms. Zairemmawii Economics

MZU/ M.Phil./282 of 29.04.2016
3367 of 2010-11

A Study of Marketing of Brooms in Aizawl District O Dr. Lalrinthanga

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-107(SEMIS) /16/47
Dated: 13th June, 2017

83 Mr. R. Lalbiakzuala Economics


MZU/ M.Phil./352 of 22.04.2016


A Study on the Performance of Poultry farmers in Samtlang Village, Mizoram.  A  Prof. Vanlalchhawna  

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-114(SEMIS) /16/57
Dated: 29th May, 2017

84 Mr. R. Yaongam Social Work

 MZU/ M.Phil./273 of 22.04.2016

Women's Participation in Traditional Local Governance in Tangkhul Naga Vilages, Ukhrul District, Manipur   Dr. H. Elizabeth

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-114(SSS) /16/50

Dated: 31st May, 2017 

85  Ms. Thelma Lalhmingthangi   Economics

 MZU/ M.Phil./265 of 22.04.2016
2174 of 2010-11

A Study on Consumer Preferences of Cellular Services in Aizawl City, Mizoram   O  Dr. Lalhriatpuii

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-106(SEMIS) /16/53

Dated: 27th July, 2017 

86 Ms. L.B. Ngoze Economics

MZU/ M.Phil./285 of 22.04.2016
1010 of 2010-11 

Determinants of Infant Mortality in Saiha Distric, Mizoram   Dr. Lalhriatpuii

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-103(SEMIS)/16/53

Dated: 7th July, 2017

87 Mr. Khawlsiamthanga Khawlhring Economics

MZU/ M.Phil./279 of 22.04.2016

Performance of Oil Palm Growers in Kolasib District, Mizoram   O  Dr. James L.T. Thanga

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-111(SEMIS)/16/66

Dated: 14th July, 2017 

88 Ms. hem Lata Hindi

MZU/ M.Phil./304 of 19.04.2016

'Hamara Shahar Us baras': Kathya Aur Shilp  Prof. S.K. Sharma 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-69(SEH)/16/56

Dated: 31st July, 2017 

89 Ms. Zodianliani Ralte Social Work

MZU/ M.Phil./342 of 22.04.2016
64 of 2014

Female Substance Abusers Under Institutionsl Care in Aizawl, Mizoram  Dr. Henry Z. Pachuau 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-108(SSS)/16/56

Dated: 3rd August, 2017 

90 Mr. R. Vanlalhman gaihsanga Political Science

MZU/ M.Phil./325 of 22.05.2016
165 of 2015

Political Ideologies in Mizoram: A Case Study of the Mizo National Front Party   A Prof. J. Doungel 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-125(SSS)/16/44

Dated: 3rd August, 2017 

91 Mr. Kh. Chungphangam Monsang Social Work

MZU/ M.Phil./351 of 22.04.2016

Entrepreneurial Attitude Among College Students in Chandel, Manipur   A Prof. C. Divendiran 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-132(SSS)/16/56

Dated: 8th August, 2017 

92 K. Lalnunsiami Education

MZU/ M.Phil./296 of 19.04.2016
5650 of 2013

Creativity and Career Maturity Among College Students of Aizawl District A Dr. Lalhriatpuii

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-94(SEH)/16/51

Dated: 9th November, 2017

93 Zothankima Education

MZU/ M.Phil./294 of 19.04.2016

Awareness pf Pre-Service and In-Service Teacher Trainees of DIET, Aizawl About RTE Act, 2009 A Dr. Sweta Dvivedi

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-91(SEH)/16/46

Dated: 9th November, 2017

94 Biakthansangi Education

MZU/ M.Phil./294 of 19.04.2016

Perceptions of Teachers on the Organizational Climate of Elementary Schools of Aizawl City: A Comparative Study of English and Mizo Medium Schools A Dr. Lalhriatpuii

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-89(SEH)/16/40

Dated: 9th November, 2017

95 Ms. Vanlalchhanhimi Education

MZU/ M.Phil./292 of 19.04.2016
1191 of 2009-10

Awareness and Attitude of College Teachers in Mizoram on Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan A Dr. Lokanath Mishra

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-93(SEH)/16/46

Dated: 2nd November, 2017

96 Ms. Angie V.L. Nunhlimi Education

MZU/ M.Phil./293 of 19.04.2016
5651 of 2013

Early Childhood Care and Education in Anganwadi Centres of Aizawl City : A Critical Study O Dr. Krishna Kant Tripathi

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-92(SEH)/16/43

Dated: 3rd November, 2017

97 Ms. Vanlallawma Education

MZU/ M.Phil./289 of 19.04.2016
226 of 2014

Support Services Provided in Special Education Centres in Aizawl : A Critical Study O Dr. Krishna Kant Tripathi

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-90(SEH)/16/43

Dated: 3rd November, 2017

98 Ms. Laldinsangi Education

MZU/ M.Phil./297 of 19.04.2016
3138 of 2010-11

Emotional Intelligence and Academic Achievement of College Students in Aizawl City with Reference to their Gender and Stream of Study O Dr. Sweta Dvivedi

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-87(SEH)/16/48

Dated: 3rd November, 2017

99 Ms. C. Laldingngheti Social Work

MZU/ M.Phil./276 of 22.04.2016

Work Family Balance and Quality of Life Among Working Women in Health Care Sector in Lawngtlai and Saiha Towns, Mizoram A Dr. H. Elizabeth

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-11(SSS)/16/52

Dated: 6th November, 2017

100 Mr. R. Lalnunthara Commerce

MZU/ M.Phil./278 of 22.04.2016

Buying Attitudes of the College Students toward Fast Foods in Lunglei Town, Mizoram   Prof. NVR Jyoti Kumar

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-101(SEMIS)/16/44

Dated: 29th August, 2017

101 Ms. Marina Lalrintluangi Economics

MZU/ M.Phil./286 of 29.04.2016
3143 of 2010-11

Distribution and Pricing of Milk and of Milk Products in Aizawl City of Mizoram: A Case Study of MULCO   O Dr. Lalrinthanga 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-110(SEMIS)/16/47

Dated: 1st Sept., 2017 

102 Ms. Lalruatkimi History & Ethnography

MZU/ M.Phil./221 of 01.05.2015
1311 of 2008-09

Colonial Expansion and Frontier Markets in Mizoram   O Dr. Lalngurliana Sailo 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-83(SSS)/15/38

Dated: 13th Sept., 2017

103 Mr. H. Zorinsanga Political Science

MZU/ M.Phil./263 of 01.05.2015

Politics of Religion: A Case Study of the Presbyterian Church of India in Aizawl City since 1972  Prof. Jangkhongam Doungel 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-98(SSS)/16/61

Dated: 18th Oct., 2017

104 Ms. C. Lalremtluangi Social Work

MZU/ M.Phil./274 of 22.04.2016

Lifestyle and Hypertension among Women in Lunglei, Mizoram   A Dr. H. Elizabeth 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-113(SSS)/16/50

Dated: 31st Oct., 2017

105 Mr. Tuanmuansang Economics

MZU/ M.Phil./283 of 22.04.2016
3131 of 2010-11

A Study on Housing Problems of Urban Poor in Aizawl City, Mizoram  Dr. James LT. Thanga 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-108(SEMIS)/16/53

Dated: 15th Sept., 2017

106 Mr. Dustin Lalkulhpuia English

MZU/ M.Phil./303 of 19.04.2016
166 of 2014

Little Narratives of the Boroks from Selected Folktales, Poems and Short Stories: A Study  Prof. Sarangadhar Baral 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-84(SEH)/16/53

Dated: 8th Nov., 2017 

107 C. Lalthlengliana History & Ethnography

MZU/ M.Phil./307 of 22.04.2016
5697 of 2013

Transport Network in Mizoram from Colonial Times to 1987  Dr. Khwairakpam Premjit Singh 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-122(SSS)/16/55

Dated: 15th Nov., 2017 

108 Oliver Lalthlengliana Library & Information Science

MZU/ M.Phil./313 of 22.04.2016
2570 of 2009-10

Bibliometric Study of Publications in Conference Proceedings of CALIBER Conventions during 2008-2015   A Dr. Akhandanand Shukla 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-91(SEH)/16/42

Dated: 27th Nov., 2017

109 F. Lalzuithanga Mizo

MZU/ M.Phil./269 of 19.04.2016
3089 of 2010-11

A Study of the Contributions of Zikpuii Pa, J.F. Laldailova and Siamkima Khawlhring to Mizo Litery Criticism   O  Prof. Laltluangliana Khiangte

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-75(SEH)/16/47

Dated: 5th Dec., 2017

110 Lalrotluanga Mizo

MZU/ M.Phil./270 of 19.04.2016
3222 of 2009-10

An Analytical Study of 'Serkawn Concert' with Reference to the Contribution of Liandala, Chhuana and Lalmama   O Prof. Laltluangliana Khiangte 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-76(SEH)/16/47

Dated: 5th Dec., 2017

111 H. Lalrinsangi Hindi

MZU/ M.Phil./305 of 19.04.2016
5712 of 2013

'Aavan' Ka Aalochanatmak Adhyayan  Dr. Priti Rai 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-129(SEH)/16/53

Dated: 5th Dec., 2017

112 T. Laldintluangi Education

MZU/ M.Phil./290 of 19.04.2016
1348 of 2007-08

Structure and Functioning of School Management Committees in Elementary Schools of Lunglei District : A Critical Study A Dr. Krishna Kant Tripathi

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-96(SEH)/16/47

Dated: 18th Dec., 2017

113 Rupendra Chakma Education

MZU/ M.Phil./288 of 19.04.2016
1023 of 2010-11

Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation in Elementary Schools Chakma Autonomous District Council in Mizoram : A Critical Study  O Dr. Sweta Dvivedi

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-86(SEH)/16/49

Dated: 18th Dec., 2017

114 Smt. Shradha Subba English

 MZU/ M.Phil./300 of 19.04.2016
2231 of 2010-11 

Examining Aspects of the Gorkha Identity in Mizoram: A Study of Selected Writings   Dr. Cherrie L. Chhangte

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-85(SHE)/16/53

Dated: 23rd February, 2018

115 C. Lalthangliana Junior English


MZU/ M.Phil./266 of 19.04.2016
397 of 2010-11


Narrativizing Insurgency: A Study of Selected Fictions on Insurgencies in Mizoram, Manipur and Nagaland  Dr. Thongam Dhanajit Singh   F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-85(SHE)/16/51

Dated: 23rd February, 2018

116 Catherine Lalruatfeli Ralte English


MZU/ M.Phil./302 of 19.04.2016


Dynamics of Indigenous Culture on Christianity Pertaining to Kelkang Revival Movement in 1937  Dr. K.C. Lalthlamuani 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-83(SEH)/16/37
Dated: 16th March, 2018

117 K. Vanlalruati Mizo

MZU/ M.Phil./324 of 19.04.2016
4693 of 2009-10

Re-constrcuting the Identity of Mizo Women in Selected Mizo Folk Songs   A Prof. Laltluangiana Khiangte 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-71(SEH)/16/51
Dated: 16th March, 2018

118 H. Lalawmpuii Mizo

MZU/ M.Phil./322 of 19.04.2016
1758 of 2006-07

Technique of Characterisation in Selected Fictions of Zikpuii Pa   Prof. Laltluangliana Khiangte

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-73(SEH)/16/58
Dated: 16th March, 2018

119 Lalthantluanga Chawngthu Mizo

MZU/ M.Phil./268 of 19.04.2016
872 of 2010-11

A Study of the Growth of Mizo Folk Theatre   A Prof.  Laltluangliana Khiangte

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-77(SEH)/16/53
Dated: 16th March, 2018

120 PC. Zonunsangi Mizo

MZU/ M.Phil./321 of 19.04.2016
2174 of 2009-10

Realism in Mizo Poetry with special reference to the poetical works of Awithangpa, Hrawva Khiangte and L. Biakliana   Prof.  Laltluangliana Khiangte

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-72(SEH)/16/60
Dated: 2nd April, 2018

121 Ruth Laldintluangi Ralte Mizo

MZU/ M.Phil./323 of 19.04.2016
1083 of 2005-06

Concept of Death and afterlife in Early Mizo Society: A Critical Survey   A  Prof.  Laltluangliana Khiangte

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-74(SEH)/16/56
Dated: 2nd April, 2018

122 Vanlalruata Economics

MZU/ M.Phil./284 of 22.04.2016
2095 of 2007-08

Livelihood Conditions of Handloom Workers in Thenzawl Cluster, Mizoram  Prof. Vanlalchhawna 

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-133(SEMIS)/16/41
Dated: 4th April, 2018

123 F. Lalnunpuii Mizo

MZU/ M.Phil./267 of 19.04.2016
2057 of 2006-07

Themes and Motifs in Selected Plays of Lalthangfala Sailo A Prof.  Laltluangliana Khiangte

F.No. Ex/M.Phil./ 10-78(SEH)/16/52
Dated: 24th April, 2018