List of Phd degree awarded after March, 2016


Name of the


Department Ph.D. & MZU Regn. No. Title of the Thesis Name of the Supervisor Order No
1. Ms. Liansangmawii Chhakchhuak Biotechnology MZU/Ph.D/499 of 10.5.2012 & 377 of 2012 Genetic Divergence and Phylogenetic Relationship of Honey Bee Population in Mizoram

Prof. N. Senthil Kumar

Joint Supervisor: Prof. G. Gurusubramanian

F.NO. Ex/Ph.D./9-38(SLS)/12/88

Dated: 1st April, 2016

2. Ms. Lalhmangaihzuali Ralte Botany MZU/Ph.D/225 of 28.11.2008 & 375 of 2012 A Study on the Diversity and Sustainable Use of Non-Wood Forest Product Plants in Serchhip Disrict of Mizoram.

Prof. Ramchandra Laha

F.NO. Ex/Ph.D./9-6(SLS)/09/81

Dated: 11th April, 2016

3. Mr. Biku Moni Chutia Environmental Science MZU/Ph.D/571 of 13.05.2013 & 3710 of 2009-10 Monitoring of particultae pollution through bio-magnetic aspects of roadside plants in Aizawl, Mizoram

Dr. P.K. Rai

Joint Supervisor: Dr. S.K. Patil

F.NO. Ex/Ph.D./9-129(SESNRM)/13/96

Dated: 13th April, 2016

4. Mr. Benjamin L. Saitluanga Geography & Resource Management MZU/Ph.D/428 of 09.11.2010 & 5127 of 2012 Residential Pattern and Quality of Life in Aizawl City

Dr. Rintluanga Pachuau

F.NO. Ex/Ph.D./9-94(SESNRM)/12/89

Dated: 15th April, 2016

5. Ms. Yengkhom Mrinamala Devi Botany MZU/Ph.D/180 of 26.5.2008 & 4932 of 2011 Oxidative Damage and Antioxidative Defense Mechanisms of Nostoc muscorum in Response to Copper (Cu2+) Stress

Prof. S.K. Mehta

F.NO. Ex/Ph.D./9-01(SLS)/08/99

Dated: 3rd May, 2016

6 Ms. Joelle L. Pudaite Botany MZU/Ph.D/227 of 28.11.2008 & 255 of 2009-10 Isolation and Characterization of Freshwater Microalgae fo Lipid Profile and Storage Capacity

Prof. S.K. Mehta

F.NO. Ex/Ph.D./9-8(SLS)/09/86

Dated: 17th May, 2016

7 Ms. Mary L. Renthlei Education MZU/Ph.D/323 of 04.06.2010 & 23 of 2010-11 Professional ethics and attitude towards teaching Profession of secondary school teachers in Mizoram

Dr H. Malsawmi

F.NO. Ex/Ph.D./9-59(SHE)/10/70

Dated: 13th May, 2016

8 Mr. Samuel Lalnunzira Dingliana Commerce MZU/Ph.D/297 of 25.11.2008 & 1506332 Entrepreneurship Development in Family Business Enterprises in Mizoram

Prof. N.V.R. Jyoti Kumar

F.NO. Ex/Ph.D./9-75(SEMIS)/09/82

Dated: 30th May, 2016

9 Ms. Lalrinkimi Botany MZU/Ph.D/221 of 28.11.2008 & 100 of 2009-10 Isolation and Screening of Oleaginous Filamentous Algae as the Potential Renewable Source for Biodiesel

Prof. S.K. Mehta

F.NO. Ex/Ph.D./9-11(SLS)/09/88

Dated: 25th May, 2016

10   Ms. Zonuntluangi Bawitlung Botany  MZU/Ph.D/235 of 28.11.2008 & 266 of 2012   An Assessment of the Growth and Development Potential of Selected Bamboo Species in the Sub-Tropical Hill Forest of Mizoram  Prof. Ramachandra Laha

F.NO. Ex/Ph.D./9-12(SLS)/09/93

Dated: 19th May, 2016

11 Mr. Lalhmingliana Renthlei Management MZU/Ph.D/568 of 21.05.2013 & 4440 of 2009-10 A Study on the Work - Life Balance of Women Teachers in Private Un-Aided Schools of Aizawl City in Mizoram. Dr. Amit Kumar Singh

F.NO. Ex/Ph.D./9-126(SEMIS)/13/89

Dated: 3rd June, 2016

12. Ms. R. Lawmzuali Chemistry MZU/Ph.D/548 of 20.05.2013 & 1377 of 2005-06 Evaluation of Etiologic Chemical Factors and Oxidative Stress Status Associated with Prevalence of Urolithiasis in the Urban Areas of Mizoram

Dr. N. Mohondas Singh

Joint Supervisor: Dr. Ksh. Birla Singh

F.NO. Ex/Ph.D./9-57(SPS)/13/74

Dated: 3rd June, 2016

13. Mr. Joseph Lalhruaitluanga Chemistry MZU/Ph.D/341 of 18.11.2010 & 3007 of 2006-07 Quantum Mechanistic Probe of 5-Memebered N-Heterocyclic Compounds

Dr. Zodinpuia Pachuau

F.NO. Ex/Ph.D./9-23(SPS)/11/79

Dated: 16th June, 2016

14. Mr. C. Lalengzama Social Work MZU/Ph.D/603 of 23.10.2013 & 2999 of 2007-08 Shifting Cultivation to Settled Agriculture: Agrarian Transformation and Tribal Development in Mizoram  Prof. E. Kanagaraj

F.NO. Ex/Ph.D./9-131(SSS)/14/76

Dated: 5th June, 2016

15. Ms. Sangita Das Talukdar Library & Information Science MZU/Ph.D/350 of 25.05.2010 & 27 of 2011 Research productivity of the Departments of Statistics of Central Universities in India: A Bibliometric Study Dr. S. N. Singh

F.NO. Ex/Ph.D./9-93(SEMIS)/11/77

Dated: 15th July, 2016

16. Mr. Samuel Lalmuanawma Mathematics & Computer Science MZU/Ph.D/350 of 29.10.2012 & 325 of 2009-10 A Hybrid Approach for Network Intrusion Detection System Prof. Jamal Hussain

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-46(SPS)/12/78

Dated: 21st July, 2016

17. Mr. M. Chinlampianga  Horticulture, Aromatic and Medicinal Plants  MZU/Ph.D/363 of 02.06.2011 & 3613 of 2007-08 Systematic Investigations and bio-prospection of Lichens from Murlen National Park, Mizoram 

 Prof. A.C. Shukla

Joint Supervisor:

Dr. D.K. Upreti


F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-82(SESNRM)/11/61

Dated: 21st July, 2016

18.  Mr. Lianhmingthanga  Economics  MZU/Ph.D/607 of 29.10.2013 & 2453 of 2004-05 Road Connectivity for Rural Development in Mizoram  Dr. Lalhriatpuii 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-137(SEMIS)/14/78

Dated: 21st July, 2016

19. Ms. Ruth Lalfelpuii   Biotechnology  MZU/Ph.D/598 of 31.10.2013 & 3262 of 2005-06 Biochemical and Molecular Analysis of Bombyx Mori L. Strains Associated with their Host Plants. 

Prof. N. Senthil Kumar

Joint Supervisor:

Prof. G. Gurusubramanian 


F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-41(SLS)/13/78

Dated: 29th July, 2016

20. Mr. H. Lallawmawma Biotechnology MZU/Ph.D/597 of 31.10.2013 & 134 of 2010-11 Antioxidant Potential of Few Selected Medicinal Plants of Mizoram and their Anti-Ulcer Activity in Induced Albino Rats.

Prof. N. Senthil Kumar

Joint Supervisor:

Prof. G. Gurusubramanian

F.NO. Ex/Ph.D./9-40(SLS)/13/80

Dated: 02nd August, 2016

21. Ms.Jamie Zodinsangi Hrahsel English MZU/Ph.D/389 of 13.05.2011 & 2787 of 2006-07 Shadows in the Light: Rereading The Cultural Dynamics of Selected Folk and Fairy Tales.

Prof. Margaret L. Pachuau

F.NO. Ex/Ph.D./9-47(SHE)/11/83

Dated: 12th August, 2016

22. Ms. Binnu Singh Horticulture, Aromatic and Medicinal Plants MZU/Ph.D/395 of 02.06.2011 & 1506743 Pharmacological studies on novel anti-diabetic bioactive cnstituents of some ethno medicinal plants of Mizoram.

Prof. A.C. Shukla

Joint Supervisor:

Dr. Ramesh Singh

F.NO. Ex/Ph.D./9-91(SESNRM)/11/94

Dated: 17th August, 2016

23. Mr. B. Malsawmkima Forestry MZU/Ph.D/391 of 02.06.2011 & 356 of 2004-05 Flowering phenology and mating system of Rhododendron species at two elevations in Phawngpui National Park of Mizoram

Prof. U. K. Sahoo

F.NO. Ex/Ph.D./9-90(SESNRM)/11/67

Dated: 17th August, 2016

24. Mr. Mayanglambam Muni Singh Environmental Science MZU/Ph.D/570 of 13.05.2013 & 5506 of 2010-11 Phytoremediaton Measures for Heavy Metal Contamination of Loktak Lake, Manipur, India

Dr. P.K. Rai

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-128(SESNRM)/13/88

Dated: 19th August, 2016

25. Ms. Mary Ann Lalhmingliani Halliday Psychology MZU/Ph.D/562 of 22.04.2013 & 5924 of 2012 Internalized HIV-Stigma, Mental Health, Coping and Perceived Social Support: A Study of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Aizawl District

Dr. Zoengpari

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-119(SSS)/13/116

Dated: 7th September, 2016

26.  Ms. R. Anuradha Management MZU/Ph.D/366 of 08.06.2011 & 118 of 2009-10 Women Empowerment through Micro-finance: A Study of SHG Members' Financial Management Skills in Perambalur District in Tamil Nadu

Prof. E. Nixon Singh

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-88(SEMIS)/11/77

Dated: 7th September, 2016

27. Ms. Priyalaxmi Gurumayum Management MZU/Ph.D/417 of 14.11.2011 & 159 of 2011 Total Quality Management in Higher Education: An Analytical Study on Two Central Universities. (Delhi University and Manipur University)

Prof. L.S. Sharma

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-105(SEMIS)/12/88

Dated: 23rd June, 2016

28. Mr. Fuzal Ahmed Geology MZU/Ph.D/392 of 02.06.2011 & 1257 of 2008-09 Geomorphometry and morphotectonics of Tuirini watershed in Mizoram.

Dr. K.S. Rao

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-89(SESNRM)/11/91

Dated: 8th September, 2016

29. Ms. R. Lalhmangaihi Botany MZU/Ph.D/472 of 10.05.2012 & 2753 of 2005-06 DNA Barcoding of Honey Associated with Polliniferous Plants Diversity.

Prof. Ramachandra Laha

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-35(SLS)/12/83

Dated: 7th October, 2016

30. Ms. Alice Lalchhandami Fanai Psychology MZU/Ph.D/527 of 22.04.2013 & 767 of 2013 Intelligence, Creativity and Self-Concept of Academic performance amongst Mizo Children (6 to 8 years)

Prof. C. Kakfamkima Varte

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-117(SSS)/13/94

Dated: 7th October, 2016

31. Ms. Magdal Vanlalvuani Environmental Science MZU/Ph.D/574 of 13.05.2013 & 1352 of 2005-06 Comparative study of litter decomposition and carbon - mineralization in jhum land and natural forest in Tanhril area of Mizoram.

Dr. A.S. Devi

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-131(SESNRM)/13/70
Dated: 28th September, 2016

32. Mr. J. Daizova Management MZU/Ph.D/414 of 14.11.2011 & 4 of 2012 Financing of Micro Enterprises in Mizoram: An Analytical Study on Government Schemes.

Prof. L.S. Sharma

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-98(SEMIS)/11/93
Dated: 17th October, 2016

33. Mr. Souvik Ghatak Biotechnology MZU/Ph.D/615 of 31.10.2013 & 161 of 2015 Analysis of Mutations in Key Trigger Genes Associated with Gastric Cancer from Subtyping to Early Prognostic Assessment.

Prof. N. Senthil Kumar

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-43(SLS)/14/109
Dated: 25th October, 2016

34 Ms. Lalbiakdiki Royte Environmental Science MZU/Ph.D/566 of 13.05.2013 & 1353 of 2005-06 Comparative study of decomposition and carbon-mineralization of Bamboo, Amomum and Zea mays L. litter in degraded lands of Mizoram

Dr A.S. Devi

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-127(SESNRM)/13/72
Dated: 11th November, 2016

35 Mr. Ajit Kumar Passari Biotechnology MZU/Ph.D/667 of 31.10.2013 & 4420 of 2009-10 DNA Fingerprinting of Endophytic Actinomycetes and Screening for their Antimicrobial Activities

Dr. Bhim Pratap Singh

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-45(SLS)/14/132
Dated: 11th November, 2016

36 Mr. Lalrammuanpuia Hnamte Forestry MZU/Ph.D/279 of 9.6.2009 & 879 of 2009-10 Comparative Study of Growth and Productivity of Maize (Zea mays L.) under Different Jhum Cycles in Mizoram.

Prof. B. Gopichand


F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-80(SESNRM)/09/91
Dated: 27th October, 2016


37 Mr. S. Beihrosa Environmental Science MZU/Ph.D/565 of 13.05.2013 & 137 of 2013 Diversity and distribution of Cypriniformes in Kolodyne river basin of Mizoram, India

Prof. Lalnuntluanga

Joint Superviosr:
Dr. Lalramliana

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-126(SESNRM)/13/82
Dated: 28th October, 2016

38 Mr. surajit De Mandal Biotechnology MZU/Ph.D/616 of 31.10.2013 & 162 of 2015 Studies on Bacterial Diversity in the Natural Forest and Jhum Soils of Mizoram: A Metagenomic Approach.

Prof. N. Senthil Kumar

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-44(SLS)/14/80
Dated: 18th November, 2016

39 Ms. Rosa Laltlanmawii Library & Information Science MZU/Ph.D/631 of 20.05.2014 & 803 of 2003-04 Information Seeking Behaviour of the Teachers and Research Scholars in Physical Sciences of Mizoram University and Assam University : A Comparative Study

Dr Manoj Kumar

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-141(SEMIS)/14/99
Dated: 6th November, 2016

40 Ms. Lalzahawmi Chenkual Environmental Science MZU/Ph.D/582 of 13.05.2013 & 5746 of 2012 Assessment of water quality of Tamdil Lake, Mizoram, India

Prof. B.P. Mishra

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-133(SESNRM)/13/83
Dated: 6th November, 2016

41 Mr. Kewat Sanjay Kumar Forestry MZU/Ph.D/435 of 15.05.2012 & 5341 of 2012 Reproductive phenology, pollen production and pollinators availability in some tropical tree species in Aizawl, Mizoram

Prof. S.K. Tripathi

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-104(SESNRM)/12/139
Dated: 9th December, 2016

42 Ms. Archana Singh Mathematics & Computer Science MZU/Ph.D/410 of 25.11.2011 & 111 of 2012 A Study on Differential Geometry of Riemannian Manifold and Almost Contact Manifolds

Dr Jay Prakash Singh

Joint Supervisor

Dr Rajesh Kumar

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-29(SPS)/11/106
Dated: 20th December, 2016

43 Ms. Carolyn Vanlalhriati Management MZU/Ph.D/567 of 21.05.2013 & 244 of 2006-07 Effects of Advertising on Buying Behaviour of College Youth in Aizawl, Mizoram : A Study on Two-Wheelers

Prof. E. Nixon Singh

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-131(SEMIS)/13/92
Dated: 18th January, 2017

44 Ms. J. vanlalremkimi Forestry MZU/Ph.D/277 of 09.06.2009 & 4152 of 2002-03 Changes in Phenological Patterns of Erythrina species in two Different Precipitation Regimes in Tropical Forests of Mizoram

Prof. Lalnundanga

Joint Supervisor

Dr V.P. Khanduri

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-73(SESNRM)/09/73
Dated: 25th January, 2017 

45 Ms. Saroj Laldinpuii English MZU/Ph.D/301 of 30.03.2009 & 160 of 2011 City Novel as a Literacy Genre: A Study of Calcutta

Prof. Margaret Ch. Zama

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-61(SHE)/10/70
Dated: 2nd March, 2017

46 Mr. Lalzawnpuia Chemistry MZU/Ph.D/468 of 15.05.2012
261 of 2009-10
Ion pair and triple ion formations for some selected compounds in aqueous and binary solutions at different temperatures 

Dr N. Mohondas Singh

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-38(SPS)/12/106
Dated: 7th March, 2017

47 Mr. Sanjay Singh Physics MZU/Ph.D/503 of 15.05.2012
2924 of 2006-07
Radon and Thoron Concentrations as a Precursor to Earthquakes Along Chite Fault in Aizawl District

Prof. Ramesh Chandra Tiwari

Joint Supervisor

Prof. R.P. Tiwari

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-45(SPS)/12/96
Dated: 9th March, 2017 

48 Ms. K. Lalrinzuali Zoology

MZU/Ph.D/338 of 29.11.2010
4869 of 2011 

Preclinical Evaluation of the Anticarcinogenic Activity of Sonapatha, Oroxylum Indicum vent. In Vitro and in vivo

Prof. G.C. Jagetia

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-25(SLS)/11/115
Dated: 13th January, 2017

49 Mr. M. Vabeiryureilai Zoology

MZU/Ph.D/337 of 29.11.2010
244 of 2006-07

Anticarcinogenic Potential of Hesperidin in a Chemical Carcinogenesis Mouse Model and in Cultured Human A431 Cells 

Prof. G.C. Jagetia

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./19-24(SLS)/11/97
Dated: 27th January, 2017 

50 Ms. Shima Das Management

MZU/Ph.D/516 of 21.11.2013
5952 of 2010-11

Child Labour in Hotel Industry of Barak Valley in Assam 

Dr. A. K. Singh

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-125(SEMIS)/13/94
Dated: 22nd February, 2017 

51 Ms. Lalrimawii English

MZU/Ph.D/259 of 25.11.2008
67 of 2009-10

A Study of Gender Conflict and Struggle Towards mainstream Identity in Selected Novels of Margaret Drabble

Dr. Lalrindiki T. fanai

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-48(SHE)/09/82
Dated: 22nd February, 2017 

52 Ms. Lalropari Renthlei Public Administration

 MZU/Ph.D/316 of 20.10.2009
2792 of 2004-05 

Community Participation in Environmental Protection in Mizoram: A Case Study of Aizawl District 

 Prof. Lalneihzovi

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-64(SSS)/10/102
Dated: 31st January, 2017

53 Mr. Zarzosanga Political Science

MZU/Ph.D/784 of 21.10.2014
5562 of 2013 

Political Parties in Mizoram: A Case Study of the Mizo National Front (MNF) 

Dr. Ayangbam Shyamkishor 

 F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-163(SSS)/15/93
Dated: 12th April, 2017
54 Mr. Zirlianngura Chemistry

MZU/Ph.D/606 of 16.05.2014
175 of 2014

Use of Novel hybrid Materials Inthe Development of Electrochemical Sensors: Detection and Determination of Ultra Trace Arsenic from Aqueous Solutions 

 Prof. Diwakr Tiwari

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-63(SPS)/14/82
Dated: 13th April, 2017

55 Mr. Lalhmingliana Hnamte Chemistry

 MZU/Ph.D/357 of 18.11.2010

Theoretical Investigation of Hofmann-Martius Rearrangement Reaction Mechanisms. 

Dr. Zodinpuia Pachuau 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-27(SPS)/11/95

Dated: 17th April, 2017 

56 Ms. Angela Zoramthangi Education

MZU/Ph.D/267 of 27.4.2009

Evaluation System of Mizoram Board of School Education at Seconday Level: An Analytical Study 

Prof. Lalhmasai Chuaungo 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-49(SHE)/09/72
Dated: 7th March, 2017

57 Mr. Ravi Prakash Mishra Hindi

MZU/Ph.D/663 of 09.05.2014
5715 of 2013

Viveki Rai Ke Upanyason Mein Lok Jeevan 

 Prof. S.K. Sharma

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-86(SEH)/14/86
Dated: 19th April, 2017

58 Ms. Jennie Malsawmdawngkimi Hindi

MZU/Ph.D/445 of 15.05.2012
74 of 2012

Hindi Evam Mizo Vyakaran: Tulanatmak Adhyayan 

 Prof. S.K. Sharma

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-65(SEH)/12/94
Dated: 19th April, 2017 

59 Ms. Lalfakawmi Economics

MZU/Ph.D/284 of 3.6.2009
1557 of 2002-03

Investment in Education and Health: A Study with Special reference to Mizoram 

 Prof. Vanlalchhawna

 F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-69(SEMIS)/09/83
Dated: 19th April, 2017
60 Ms. Grace Kim khaute Education

MZU/Ph.D/320 of 04.06.2010
62 of 2008-09

Constructivist approach to teaching-learning: Knowledge, attitude and practices of elementary School teachers in Mizoram

Prof. B.B. Mishra

 F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-54(SHE)/10/77
Dated: 18th April, 2017
61 Mr. C. Lalnunzira Forestry

MZU/Ph.D/540 of 13.05.2013
5865 of 2012 

Structural and Functional Properties of Leaf, Fine Root and Soil in Secondary Successional Forests Following Stone Mining in Relation to a Reserve Forest in Mizoram. 

 Prof. S.K. Tripathi


F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-120(SESNRM)/13/80
Dated: 1st May, 2017

62 Mr. S. Shokhothang Haokip Political Science

MZU/Ph.D/302 of 20.10.2009
4927 of 2011

Local Self Governance in India: A Comparative Study of the Autonomous District Council System in Manipur and Mizoram

Prof. J.K. Patnaik

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-74(SSS)/10/88
Dated:12 May, 2017
63 Ms. Leishangthem Nirmala Devi Physics

 MZU/Ph.D/552 of 20.05.2013
5918 of 2012 

Study of Photofield Emission from Metals and Semiconductors and their Band Structures Using Full-Potential Linearized Augmented Plane Wave Method.  

 Prof. R.K. Thapa

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-53(SPS)/13/114
Dated:5th May, 2017

64 Mr. Anil Kumar Library and Information Science

 MZU/Ph.D/682 of 20.05.2014
5753 of 2013 

Role of Social Networking Sites in Information Communication: A Study of Faculty Members and Research Scholars of Assam University and Mizoram UNiversity. 

Prof. S.N. Singh 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-140(SEMIS)/14/96
Dated:8th May, 2017 

65 Ms. C. Lalhmangaihzami History & Ethnography

MZU/Ph.D/455 of 02.05.2012
4940 of 2011

Seventh-day Adventist Movement in North East India (1934-1999) 

Dr. Lalngurliana Sailo 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-109(SSS)/12/99
Dated:11th May, 2017 

66 Ms. R. Lalneihpuii Chemistry

MZU/Ph.D/473 of 15.05.2012
3755 of 2008-09

Theoretical and Computational Studies of Liquid Metals and Liquid Binary Alloys 

Dr. Raj Kumar Mishra 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-36(SPS)/12/84
Dated:16th May, 2017 

67 Mr. John Blick  Geology

MZU/Ph.D/599 of 25.10.2013
1399 of 2005-06

Quality Assessment and Characterisation of Potable Water Sources in SW Lawngtlai District in Mizoram

Prof. Shiva Kumar

Joint Supervisor

Dr. Rahul Verma

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-147(SESNRM)/13/74
Dated:5th June, 2017 

68 Mr. Samuel Moirangthem Psychology

 MZU/Ph.D/581 of 22.04.2013
5936 of 2012 

Stress, Coping and Psychological Well-being in Manipur State Police Force 

Prof. Zokaitluangi 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-120(SSS)/13/83

Dated:28th June, 2017 

69 Ms. Lalchhingpuii Chemistry

MZU/Ph.D/551 of 20.05.2013

2517 of 2006-07


Novel hybrid Bio-materials in the Remediation of Aquaric Environment Contaminated with Heavy Metal Toxic Ions 

Prof. Diwakar Tiwari 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-56(SPS)/13/86

Dated:28th June, 2017 

70 Ms. Lalmuansangi Environmental Science

MZU/Ph.D/573 of 13.05.2013
2521 of 2006-07

Assessment of water quality and flora in and around Palak Lake, South Mizoram, India 

Prof. H. Lalramnghinglova
Joint Supervisor:
Prof. Lalnuntluanga

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-130(SESNRM)/13/78

Dated:29th June, 2017 

71 Ms. Rebecca Lalngaihawmi Physics

MZU/Ph.D/538 of 20.05.2013
1349 of 2005-06

Study of Photoemissions Using the Muffin-Tin and Low Energy Electron Diffraction Formalisms from Surface and Bulk States of Metals and Semiconductors. 

 Prof. R.K. Thapa

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-52(SPS)/13/109

Dated:4th July, 2017 

72 Ms. Ruby Zothankimi Ralte Psychology

MZU/Ph.D/358 of 27.4.2010
5857 of 2010-11

Self-Construal as Related to Behavioural Regulations and Mental Well-Being in the Mizo. 

 Prof. H.K. Laldinpuii Fente

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-80(SSS)/11/88

Dated:7th August, 2017 

73 Ms. lucy Laltlanzovi Psychology

MZU/Ph.D/310 of 20.10.2009
95 of 2006-07

Gender role Conflict as realted to psycho-Social functions Among Mizo Adolescents 

Prof. C. Lalfamkima Varte 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-68(SSS)/10/119

Dated:8th August, 2017 

74 Ms. Lalbiakzuali Psychology

MZU/Ph.D/320 of 20.10.2009
2768 of 2003-04

Personality, Resilience, and Acculturation as Related to General Wellbeing in Non-Mizo Adults in Mizoram

Prof. C. Lalfamkima Varte

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-67(SSS)/10/100

Dated:3rd November, 2017

75 Ms. Josephine Lalrindiki Management

MZU/Ph.D/517 of 21.05.2013
768 of 2013

Attitudinal and Behavioural Study of Online Consumers in Mizoram : A Case Study of Aizawl

Dr.  A.K. Singh

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-130(SEMIS)/13/86

Dated:6th November, 2017

76 Ms. Neet Rai Hindi

MZU/Ph.D/506 of 16.10.2012
76 of 2012

Kashinath Singh Ka Sahitya: Ek Aalochanatmak Adhyayan 

Prof. Sanjay Kumar 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-69(SEH)/12/86

Dated: 31st August, 2017

77 Ms. R. Vanlalhmachhuani Commerce

MZU/Ph.D/340 of 21.9.2010
3 of 2007-08

Customer Satisfaction of Health Care Services: A Comparative Study of Select Hospitals in Mizoram 

Dr. N. Rokendro Singh 

 F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-86(SEMIS)/11/80

Dated: 13th September, 2017

78 Mr. Mangcha Touthang Social Work

MZU/Ph.D/380 of 16.05.2011

Displacement, Resettlement and Rehabilitation: The Case of Khuga Multipurpose Project in Manipur 

Prof. E. Kanagaraj 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-91(SSS)/11/89
Dated: 13th September, 2017 

79 Mr. Trinankur Dey Management

MZU/Ph.D/477 of 15.05.2012
184 of 2012

A Study on Consumer Behavior in Retail Sector in Tripura 

 Prof. L.S. Sharma

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-107(SEMIS)/12/103
Dated: 15th September, 2017 

80 Mr. Soibam Lanabir Singh Forestry

MZU/Ph.D/579 of 13.05.2013
2992 of 2009-10

Comparative Studies on Carbon Stock and Effectiveness of Carbon Sequestration Potential of Traditional Homegardens and Shifting Cultivation Fallow in Aizawl District of Mizoram 

Prof. U.K. Sahoo 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-123(SESNRM)/13/75

Dated: 4th October, 2017

81 Mr. Chinmoy Rajkonwar Geology

MZU/Ph.D/438 of 15.05.2012
3759 of 2008-09

Palaeoenvironmental Significance of the Ichnofossil Assemblages of Bhuban Formation (Lower to Middle Miocene) of Aizawl, Mizoram 

 Prof. R.P. Tiwari

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-99(SESNRM)/12/101

Dated: 6th October, 2017 

82 Ms. Ksh. Krishna Devi Library and Information Science

MZU/Ph.D/719 of 22.05.2012
6906 of 2014

Web Content Analysis of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and National Institutes of Technology (NITs) Libraries' Website: An Evaluation 

 Dr. M.K. Verma

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-157(SEMIS)/15/119

Dated: 13th October, 2017

83 Mr. Lalrintluanga Sailo Physics

MZU/Ph.D/489 of 15.05.2012
1094 of 2001-02

Study of the Spin-Orbit Interactions and Electronic Properties of Nitride Semiconductors 

Prof. Zaithanzauva Pachuau

Joint Supervisor
Dr. Lalthakimi Zadeng 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-43(SPS)/12/87

Dated: 25th October, 2017

84 Mr. Lalrinthara Pachau Physics

MZU/Ph.D/490 of 15.05.2012
1335 of 2012

Study of the Cell Tower Radiation and Its Health Hazard in Aizawl, Kolasib and Serchhip Districts of Mizoram 

 Prof. Zaithanzauva Pachuau

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-42(SPS)/12/74

Dated: 30th October, 2017

85 Mr. S. Sarathbabu Biotechnology

MZU/Ph.D/681 of 23.05.2014
116 of 2014

Characterization and Cytotoxic Activity of Pierisin from White Cabbage Butterfly (Pieris canidia L.

Prof. N. Senthil Kumar 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-47(SLS)/14/96

Dated: 30th October, 2017

86 Mr. H. Lalrinliana Education

MZU/Ph.D/321 of 04.06.2010

Training of Elementary School Teachers in Mizoram in the Context of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan: An Evaluative Study 

 Prof. B.B. Mishra

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-57(SHE)/10/78

Dated: 30th October, 2017

87 Mr. Andrew Lungtiawia Fanai Physics

MZU/Ph.D/554 of 20.05.2013
163 of 2006-07

Structural and Spectroscopic Studies of Lanthanide Ions Doped with Nano-Structured Materials for Photonic Applicatiuons. 

 Prof. Suman Rai

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-54(SPS)/13/58

Dated: 6th November, 2017

88 Mr. Lalfakzuala Public Administration

MZU/Ph.D/450 of 02.05.2012
1616 of 2001-02

Autonomous District Councils in Mizoram: A Comparative Study of LADC & MADC 

Prof. Lalneihzovi 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-102(SSS)/12/110

Dated: 6th December, 2017

89 Mr. J.C. Zomuanthanga Political Science

MZU/Ph.D/348 of 20.10.2010
5955 of 2010-11

India's Relations with Southeast Asia: A Study of the Look East Policy

Prof. J.K. Patnaik

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-84(SSS)/11/92

Dated: __ December, 2017

90 Ms. Niharika Singh Management

MZU/Ph.D/476 of 15.05.2012
114 of 2009-10

A Study of Retention of  Managers in Selected Indian Private Sector Banks

Prof. L.S. Sharma 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-104(SEMIS)/12/106

Dated: 8th February, 2018

91 Ms. Laishram Lilabati Forestry

MZU/Ph.D/617 of 02.05.2014
5637 of 2013

Regeneration ecology of Emblica officinalis Gaertn. in Semi-evergreen forests of Manipur, India 

 Prof. U.K. Sahoo

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-157(SES & NRM)/14/85

Dated: 15th February, 2018

92 Ms. Celina Phurailatpam Psychology

MZU/Ph.D/620 of 16.05.2014
5635 of 2013

Gender Orientation Correlates to Psychological Wellbeing, Self Esteem, resilience and Depression Among Meitei Youth 

Prof. Zokaitluangi 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-136(SSS)/14/98

Dated: 26th February, 2018 

93 Ms. Betsy Zodinpuii Environmental Science

MZU/Ph.D/680 of 13.05.2013
5752 of 2013

Comparative study on soil macrofauna under shifting cultivation and forest ecosystem in Mizoram, India 

Prof. Lalnuntluanga

Joint Supervisor
Dr. H. Lalthanzara 

 F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-207(SES & NRM)/16/99

Dated: 16th March, 2018

94 Ms. Lalrintluangi Sailo Forestry

MZU/Ph.D/262 of 20.11.2008
1895 of 2001-02

Assessment of Plant Diversity and Vegetational Changes due to Road Construction between Buangpui and Lunglei in Miozram 

 Prof. Lalnundanga

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-64(SES & NRM)/09/80
Dated: 16th March, 2018 

95 Mr. Vanlalliena Pulamte Political Science

MZU/Ph.D/639 of 16.05.2014
5632 of 2013

Socio-Political Movement in North East India: A Study of the Hmar Movement 

 Prof. K.V. Reddy

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-142(SSS)/14/84
Dated: 23rd March, 2018 

96 Mr. Ghanashyam Deka Geography & Resource Management

MZU/Ph.D/557 of 13.05.2013
5940 of 2012

Problems and Prospects of Tourism in Mizoram 

Prof. Rintluanga Pachuau 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-138(SESNRM)/13/88
Dated: 23rd March, 2018 

97 Mr. Naorem Premjit Singh Chemistry

MZU/Ph.D/706 of 16.05.2014
223 of 2014

Synthesis, Characterization and Photoluminescence Studies of Lanthanide doped MM'O(M=Zn, Cd; M'=W, Mo) Phosphors

Dr. N. Mohondas Singh
Joint Supervisor
Prof. N. Rajmuhon Singh 

 F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-70(SPS)/15/91

Dated: 28th March, 2018

98 Ms. Lalropuii Psychology

MZU/Ph.D/384 of 16.05.2011
163 of 2011

Attitude of Mizo Adolescents Towards Traditional Parenthood and its Relations with Father Involvement, Parental Acceptance - Rejection, and Psychological Adjustment 

Prof. H.K. Laldinpuii Fente 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-87(SSS)/11/88
Dated: 28th March, 2018 

99  Mr. Zonunmawia Political Science   MZU/Ph.D/672 of 16.05.2014
5757 of 2013
 India-ASEAN Realations: A Study of Economic Cooperation (1992-2012)

Prof. J.K. Patnaik 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-146(SSS)/14/84
Dated: 11th April, 2018

100 Mr. T. Malsawmtluanga Physics

MZU/Ph.D/485 of 15.05.2012
2904 of 2005-06

Study of Physical, Electronic and Magnetic Properties of XYZ type Half Heusler Compounds

Prof. R.K. Thapa

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-41(SPS)/12/89
Dated: 12th April, 2018

101 Ms. Tabasum Begum Library & Information Science

MZU/Ph.D/530 of 21.05.2013
28 of 2011

Information Seeking Behaviour of Ph.D. students on Arabic Studies in Central Universities of India 

Prof. S.N. Singh

 F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-124(SEMIS)/13/133

Dated: 12th April, 2018

102 Mr. Amit Kumar Library & Information Science

MZU/Ph.D/740 of 3.11.2014
96 of 2015

 An Evaluative Study of E-ShodhSindhu: Consortia for Higher Education E-Resources

 Prof. Pravakar Rath
Joint Supervisor
Prof. R.K. Ngurtinkhuma

 F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-152(SEMIS)/14/94

Dated: 16th April, 2018

103 Ms. Garima Singh Biotechnology

MZU/Ph.D/709 of 22.05.2015
263 of 2012

Evaluation of bioactive Potential and Phylogenetic analysis of Selected Species of Family Asteraceae

Prof. n. Senthil Kumar

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-74(SLS)/15/105

Dated: 20th April, 2018

104 Ms. Lalhlimpuii Education

MZU/Ph.D/322 of 04.06.2010
198 of 2010-11

Development of interventional Packages for Fostering Cognitive Development of Pre-School Children

Prof. Lalhmasai Chuango

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-58(SHE)/10/95

Dated: 24th April, 2018

105 Ms. Ellie Lallianpuii Education

 MZU/Ph.D/318 of 04.06.2010
4731 of 2009-10 

Medium of instruction at School level in Mizoram: Policy review, impact on academic achievement and peception of stakeholders. 

 Prof. R.P. Vadhera


F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-56(SHE)/10/96
Dated: 26th April, 2018

 106 Ms. Lalmuankimi Khiangte  Botany 

MZU/Ph.D/471 of 10.05.2012
3636 of 2007-08 

16S rRNA gene profiling of Phosphorus Solubilizing bacteria from Paddy Fields of Thenzawl 

Dr. R. Lalfakzuala 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-34(SLS)/12/101
Dated: 26th April, 2018

107 Ms. Lalrinkimi Pachuau Economics

MZU/Ph.D/626 of 20.05.2014
222 of 2014

Analysis of determinants of travel mode choice between Private and Public Transportation in Aizawl City

Prof. Vanlalchhawna

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-138(SEMIS)/14/80
Dated: 4th May, 2018

108 Ms. Mayanglambam Saroja Devi Mathematics & Computer Science

 MZU/Ph.D/388 of 07.06.2011
1501 of 2011

Certain differentiable structures on a manifold. 

Dr. J.P. Singh 


F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-28(SPS)/11/79
Dated: 9th May, 2018


109 Ms. Lalropuii Commerce

 MZU/Ph.D/515 of 21.05.2013
4101 of 2002-03 

Management of Public Distribution System in Chhattisgarh and Mizoram: An Evaluative Study 

Prof. NVR Jyoti Kumar 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-133(SEMIS)/13/78

Dated: 22nd May, 2018

110 Ms. Maibam Sunita Devi Zoloogy


MZU/Ph.D/697 of 30.10.2014
239 of 2014


Efficacy of L-carnitine supplementation on the Tuibur (Tobacco smoke infused water) induce testicular toxicity in mice 

Prof. G. Gurusubramanian 

F.No. Ex/Ph.D./9-58(SLS)/14/79

Dated: 28th May, 2018