College Development Council (CDC)

Director : Prof. S. Haukhanlian Mate
Phone: 0389-2330824

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
P. Lalmuanpuii: Stenographer
H. Lalhruaitluanga: MTS

Functions of College Development Council:

  1. To provide a forum for consideration of various aspects of education in the affiliated colleges of the University with a view to continuously improving the general educational standards in the colleges.
  2. To assess the development needs of the colleges;
  3. To help internally by the Institutions, or by any other funding agencies such as University Grants Commission, etc.
  4. To submit projects to funding agencies on behalf of the affiliated colleges individually or collectively; and to make such information available to concerned bodies.
  5. To assess periodically the physical facilities in the affiliated colleges with reference to the number of students and subjects taught and make recommendations for their improvement.
  6. To review the academic performance of affiliated colleges from time to time and make suggestions for improvement.
  7. To review the examination system and suggest innovations and improvement
  8. To follow up the Inspection Reports on various colleges, suggest corrective measures wherever necessary.
  9. To promote and encourage co-curricular activities in the college.
  10. To conduct surveys of all the affiliated colleges with a view to preparing and maintaining an up-to-dating profile of each college under  the University, revising the existing facilities and identifying the needs and gap that need to be filled for the development of colleges.