Department Of History & Ethnography

Dr. Lalngurliana Sailo, Head
Ph:- 0389-2330410. Fax: 0389–2330531 

Year of Establishment : 2002

Year of First Intake of Student : 2002


About The Department:

History & Ethnography was opened  in July 2002 under Mizoram University. The department offers courses leading to M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D Degrees. The MA in History covers the major geographical and chronological fields in the discipline ranging from world prehistory to the contemporary period, while at the same time emphasis is being laid on Modern Indian history to enable students to demonstrate an understanding of the broad context of human experience as well as a systematic and analytical comprehension of one area of historical concentration. Throughout the two-year programme, students are comprehensively introduced to the varied themes and methods of reading, writing, and interpreting history and in the final semester they get to experience a practical approach to history by undertaking individual and group projects.

Local and regional history continues to be the focus of research in the department. Faculty members supervise researches that place emphasis on interdisciplinary studies and emphasizing cultural history.

In June 2013 IV Semester students had gone for field studies in Champhai and surrounding areas and in February 2014 a Curriculum Stipulated Study Tour was undertaken in the cities of Chandigarh and Shimla.


M.Phil programme was introduced with effect from July, 2013.