School of Social Sciences

About the School:
     The school was originated from the North Eastern Hill University (Mizoram Campus) as such some Departments like - Department of Psychology and Public administration were already established under NEHU which were carried over by Mizoram University (Central University)  in the year 2000 (under Parliament Act. 2000)   The School of Social Sciences came into being as an entity in the year 2002 through a notification issued by the Registrar, Mizoram University vide letter no.5/3/05-Adm II/60, Dt.22/6/002. The School consists of the Departments of Psychology (1983), Public Administration  (1985),  Social Work (2001), Political Science (2002), History and Ethnography (2004), and Sociology (2014) which are offering PG, M. Phil and Ph D Progrramme; and Department of Law at UG Level.
     The first School Board Meeting was held on 4th July, 2003, since then the School has organized School Board Meetings and BUGS in  Lawmeeting regularly at least two times regularly toframe, examine and approve the syllabi of various Departments as well as the Ph.D. synopses for registration to make recommendation for the final approval of the Academic Council.
The Heads of the Departments meeting has been conducted regularly to take up many important issues pertaining to the academic matters of the Departments, and also on any urgent matter arises which require immediate reaction for the smooth functioning of the University, and the decision taken were summited to the  School Board of Social Sciences for rectification for further approval. 
     The School of Social Sciences had organized Seminar/ workshop/ conferences/ Refresher course/ Short term course/ summer or winter school with maintaining national and internal standard. The School also publishes a bi-annual journal “Contemporary Social Scientist”. (UGC approved Journal) since 3rd March, 2011 which is multi-disciplinary of  wide coverage of social and cultural issues. There are 190 PG students, 46 M Phil students and 148 Ph D Students. There are 15 non-teaching staff and 33 teaching staff (as given below).

Staff details:

Deans’ Office:

  1. Prof Zokaitluangi, Dean
    9436151606, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  2. Ms. H Lalmawizuali, Stenographer, 09862322185
  3. Mr. Lalthlamuana, MTS, 09862322185

Teaching Staff in the different Departments Under the School:

Name of Department:  Psychology  (Estb. in 1983)

 Prof. Zokaitluangi


 Prof C. LalfamkimaVarte

 Prof. H.K Laldinpuii Fente

Dr. Zoengpari

Asso. Prof

Ms. NoaremBinita Devi

Asst. Professor

Name of Department : Public Administration  (Estb. in 1985)

Prof. Srinibas Pathi


Prof. Lalrintluanga

Prof. Lalneihzovi

Prof. A. Muthulakshmi

Dr. Laltanpuii Ralte

Asso. Professor

Dr. Ningthoujam Irina Devi

Asst. Professor

Mr. Babu G.

Asst. Professor

Name of Department : Political Science (Estb. in 2002)

Prof. J.K. Patnaik


Prof. K. VidyaSagar Reddy

Prof. Jangkhongam Doungel

Dr. Ayangbam Shyamkishor

Asst. Professor

Dr. J.C. Zomuanthanga

Dr. SuwaLal Jangu

Mr. Lallianchhunga

Name of Department : Social Work (Estb. in 2001)

Prof.  Kanagaraj Easwaran


Prof. C Devendiran

Dr. Elizabeth H.

Asst. Professor

Dr. Henry Zodinliana Pachuau

Dr. Grace Lalhlupuii Sailo

Name of Department : History and Ethnography (Estb. in 2004)

Prof. Orestes Rosanga


Dr. Lalngurliana Sailo

Asso. Professor

Dr. K. Robin

Dr. Hmingthanzuali

Asst. Professor

Dr. K.P. singh

Mr. Joseph Lalzarliana

Name of Department : Sociology (Estb. in 2014)

Prof. R.K.Mohanty


Mr. R Lahruailiana

Asst. Professor

Ms. Sheethal S. Kumar


School Board Members
(wef 03rd April, 2017 - 03rd April, 2020 ,i.e.,for a period of three years)

(i) The Dean, School of Social Sciences, MZU: EX-Officio Chairperson

(ii) All Heads of Departments:    

  1. The Head, Deptt. of Psychology, MZU.
  2. The Head, Deptt. of Public Administration, MZU.
  3. The Head, Deptt. of Political Science, MZU.
  4. The Head, Deptt. of Social Work, MZU.
  5. The Head, Deptt. of History & Ethnography, MZU.
  6. The Head, Deptt. of Sociology, MZU

 (iii) All Professors in the Schools:  

  1. Prof. J.K. Patnaik, Department of Political Science, MZU .
  2. Prof. Srinibas Pathi, Department of Public Administration, MZU.
  3. Prof. Zokaitluangi, Department of Psychology, MZU.
  4. Prof. Lalrintluanga, Department of Public Administration, MZU.
  5. Prof. Orestes Rosanga, Department of History & Ethnography, MZU.
  6. Prof. Lalneihzovi, Department of Public Administration, MZU.
  7. Prof. C. Lalfamkima Varte, Department of Psychology, MZU . 
  8. Prof. H.K. Laldinpuii Fente, Department of Psychology, MZU
  9. Prof.  Jangkhongam Doungel, Department of Political Science, MZU.
  10. Prof. K. VidyaSagar Reddy, Department of Political Science, MZU.
  11. Prof. Kanagaraj Easwaran, Department of Social Work, MZU.
  12. Prof. C. Devendiran, Department of Social Work, MZU.
  13. Prof. R.K Mohanty, Department of Sociology, MZU
  14. Prof. A. Muthulakshmi, Department of Public Administration, MZU.

(iv) One Associate Professor & One Assistant Professor from each Department of the School:

  1. Dr. Zoengpari, Department of Psychology, MZU.
  2. Dr. Ayangbam Shyamkisor, Department of Political Science, MZU.
  3. Dr. Hmingthanzuali, Department of History & Ethnography, MZU.
  4. Ms. Naorem Binita Devi, Department of Psychology, MZU.
  5. Dr. Laltanpuii Ralte, Department of Public Administration, MZU.
  6. Dr. Henry Zodinliana Pachuau, Department of Social Work, MZU.
  7. Dr. Khwairakpam Premjit Singh, Department of History & Ethnography, MZU.
  8. Mr. Lalhruailiana, Department of History & Ethnography, MZU.

  (v) Representatives from other Schools:

  1. Prof. Laltluangliana Khiangte Department of Mizr, MZU.
  2. Prof. L. Shashi Kumar Sharma, Department of Management, MZU.
  3. Prof. Lalnuntluanga, Department of Environmental Science, MZU.
  4. Dr. Kshetrimayum Robert Singh, Department of Electrical Engineering, MZU
  5. Prof. Diwakar Tiwari, Department of Chemistry, MZU
  6. Prof. Ghana Shymam Solanki, Department of Zoology, MZU

(vi) Teachers from Affiliated and Constituent Colleges:

  1. Dr. Rinpari Ralte, Head of Department of Psychology, Pachhunga University College.
  2. Dr. Lalrohlui, Head of the Department of Psychology, Govt. Aizawl West College.
  3. Ms. Lianchhingpuii, Department of Public Administration, Govt. Hrangbana  College
  4. Dr. David Zothansanga, Department of Public Administration, Pachhunga   University College.
  5. Dr. R. Lalzawnga, Department of Political Science, Govt. Aizawl West College.
  6. Dr. Harendra Sinha, Department of Political Science, Govt. J. Buana College, Lunglei.
  7. Ms. C. Lalremtluangi, Department of Social Work, HATIM, Lunglei.
  8. Dr. C. Lalengzama, Department of Social Work, HATIM, Lunglei.
  9. Prof. J. Zorema, Department of History, Govt. J. Buana College, Lunglei.
  10. Prof. C. Lalthlengliana, Department of History, Govt. Aizawl West College 
  11. Mr. Lallungmuana, Department of Sociology, Pachhunga University College.
  12. Mr. C. Laldinsanga, Department of sociology, Govt. T. Romana College.
  13. Dr. Rualkhuma Colney, Govt. Mizoram Law College.
  14. Mrs. Lalsangkimi Sailo, Department of Philosophy, Pachhunga University College.

 (vii) Five External Experts:

  1. Prof. JayantiBasu, Department of Applied Psychology, University of Calcutta,   West Bengal – 700073.
  2. Prof. Chavva Sheela Reddy, Indian Institute of Public Administration,  Indraprasth Estate,  New Delhi– 110002
  3. Prof. R.K. Satapathy, Department of Political Science, Northen Hills University, Shillong - 793022.
  4. Prof. Gopalji Mishra, Department of Social Work, Assam University, Silchar – 788011.
  5. Prof. D.K Singharoy, Department of Sociology, School of Social Sciences, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi – 110068.