Department of Chemistry


Head of the Department: Professor Diwakar Tiwari
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Phone: +91 - 9862323015

About Us:

     The Department of Chemistry, Mizoram University was established inMay 2006 with PG and PhD programs. The Department of Chemistry has a highly diverse community of faculty, staff and students from all parts of India.The PG programin chemistry is designed primarily with the concept of ‘student centric’ teaching learning process providing adequate components towards the ‘value-added’ courses.Therefore, the PG syllabus is contained with the Foundations Courses, Core Courses, Specialization Courses and Open Electives which is apart of Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). All the essential major specializations in chemistry viz., Physical, Inorganic, Organic and Analytical Chemistry are introduced for the students. Recently the Department introduced the Post Graduate Diploma Program in Instrumental Techniques (PGDIT) with the aim to enhance the skill levels of Graduates. The PGDIT program provides in hand training to enhance job opportunities to the students. The Department is currently supported by the DST-FIST (Phase-I) and upgrading the teaching & research infrastructure.Additionally, Department established an ‘Advanced Instrumental Laboratory’ caters the needs of Analysis of our own students as well the students of other departments and affiliated colleges. The Department offers, time to time, add-on courses by which students are enabled to earn extra-credits with their existing programs. The present intake of PG and PGDIT students is 36 and 10, respectively.The Department has signed MoU with the Catholic Kwandong University, Gangneung, Korea,forthe augmentation ofresearch activities. Currently, all possible efforts are being made to develop theDepartment as one of theState-of-the-Art research facilitiescentersformultidisciplinary research in addition to fruitful collaborative research.

Mission of the Department:

     The Department strives for an ideal balance between knowledge creation and knowledge dissemination in the chemical sciences, with the main focus on students training and focused education for all-round development of students. All students deserve an equal opportunity to participate in the educational partnership.Our mission is to train and mentor students as responsible scientific professionalsfor the world of academia and/or the industrial sector.The preparation of future professionals, at both the M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels, requires the learning and the application of knowledge gained through hands-on practical/field or even industrial training imparted. The curriculum emphasizes the scientific method, chemical inquiry, critical thinking, data acquisition & evaluation besides effective communication, both written and oral.

     The Department of Chemistry envisions to be one of the best provider of chemical education and to be a leader in research, publications and scholastic excellence. The opportunity provided by, and the success of M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs will enhance the reputation of Department in Northeast Region and prove to be irresistibly attractive to the prospective students throughout the country. The department will also continue to cooperate effectively with other departments to offer interdisciplinary programs in biochemistry, medicinal chemistry/natural products chemistry, materials science, and environmental studies. The Department is committed to provide a stimulating learning environment for the students who are seeking to expand their knowledge in chemical sciences besides preparing them to undertake fundamental and applied research in chemical sciences that enables them to develop and implement their research ideas with the academia world and/or the industrial sector.


  • To capitalise on our strengths and become the destination of choice for the students of Northeast region &other parts of India.
  • To develop research facilities and establishing an inspiring environment for research in chemical sciences
  • To promote quality research in the various branches of chemistry to ensure a viable and practical solution to various problems in the respective areas

Research Areas/ Overviews:

     The Department, at present,has 6 faculty memberswho actively pursue multidisciplinary research in addition to fruitful collaborative research. Their research interests is categorized as Materials Chemistry, Environmental, Biological,Theoretical, inorganic and Synthetic Organic Chemistry.