Department of Geology

Head of the Department: Prof. Shiva Kumar
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Phone: +91 - 9436149162

The Department of Geology at Mizoram University was started in July 2002. At present the Department is running with seven faculty with two Professors (One is on lien as a Vice Chancellor of Dr. H.S.G University, Sagar), 1 Associate Professor and 4 Assistant Professors. The Department is offering the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) of four semesters M.Sc. Degree and Ph.D. programmes as per the UGC Ph.D. norms of 2016. The Ph. D. Programme was introduced in the year 2005, with a view to generate and to analyse in-situ data and for in depth understanding of the problems faced by the society. The Center of Petroleum Exploration is attached to the Department of Geology till it’s independent functioning.

The Department is being supported by the DST, Government of India under FIST programme and National Facility for Palaeomagnetic Laboratory. The main objective of the department is to produce the skill and competent persons in technical and research in the inter-disciplinary areas of Geological Sciences. The department is committed to address the various fundamental and challenging problems of Earth Sciences in this region. At the same time, it remains sensitive to the problems of geological nature affecting the society.

Mission of the Department:
The mission of the Department includes:

  • To impart higher education and to produce skill and competent persons in various Earth sciences fields.
  • To provide quality based geological education to develop the manpower strength to compete at the national and international level.
  • To provide best quality education to meet the challenges of natural and man-made problems of the society.
  • To develop skills and competencies among the students so as to prove them a productive asset for the society.

The Department of Geology is the upcoming Department of the Mizoram University. It was initiated during NorthEastern Hill University Aizawl campus as Under Graduate course and the Post Graduate programme became operational in the year 2002. The Department is running four semesters M.Sc. Degree and Ph.D. programmes. Besides teaching, the faculties of the department are also guiding the research on various aspects of geological interest. The faculties of the departments are also trying their best to bring the name of the department among the reputed departments of National and International level bypublishing research papers in different journals of repute and also by implementing standard externally funded research projects on the thrust areas of the discipline. 

However, to be successful in a rapidly-changing scenario of the world, the Department of Geology is prepared for changing challenges in the societies, the university and the disciplines of Geology itself.

Entrance Examination:
The total seats available for M.Sc. Geology programme is 36 (30 open + 6 self finance seats) and the selection process based on the UGC guidelines. The admission under Ph.D. programme is following the norms published by UGC in 2016.

Research Activities:
The research areas offered by the Department are Petrology, Geochemistry, Sedimentology, Paleontology, Palaeomagnetism and Magnetostratigraphy, Morphotectonics and watershed Management, Hydrogeology, Landslides and remote sensing and soil studies. Interdisciplinary research with the Departments of Chemistry and Physics are being actively pursued in the fields of groundwater and seismology, respectively. Presently, 17 full-time and 8 part-time scholars are working for their Ph.D. degree. All the faculty members have been generated research grants funded by DST, UGC and MoES., etc.

Infrastructure Facilities:
The Department has well equipped laboratories with various equipments to cater to the needs of practical course-work of M.Sc. programme and research. The major facilities available in the Department are the following Laboratories namely Palaeomagnetic, Mineralogy, Petrology, Geochemical and Paleontology and geological museum. The students and Research model Polarizing Microscopes with Photographic facility and Stereoscopic zoom microscopes attached to the mineralogy Lab. The Geology museum is established the collection of several rock forming minerals, Ore minerals, Industrial minerals, various type of rocks and fossils. Geochemistry Laboratory: Muffle Furnace, Electronic balance, Spectrophotometer, Flame photometer, Conductivity meter, TDS meter, Salinity meter, pH meter, etc. Computing and Network Facility: A number of PCs with internet connectivity through University intranet and online access for large number of journals and other e- books. The field equipments: Global positioning system, Survey equipments, Schmidt concrete test hammer, and Digital camera. Geoscience Workshop: Rock cutting machine, Thin-section preparing machine, Mounting machine for polished ore blocks, agate grinding sets, Automatic sieve shaker. Topographic maps and Geological maps procured for the entire northeast states of India and also available topographic maps on 1:50,000 scale covering the northeast states of India including the Geological maps of other states of India, different districts and important mineral deposits on various scales.