Department of Library & Information Science

Head of the Department: Prof. S. N. Singh (w.e.f 01/03/2018)
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About us (Brief Introduction of the Department): 
The Department of Library & Information Science with a view to equip the libraries with technical manpower in the State was established during the academic session 2002-2003. Prof. A K Sharma, Ex Vice-Chancellor formally inaugurated the Department on 20th August, 2002 at the Central Library of Mizoram University. The Department offered one year BLIS Course in 2002 followed by one year MLIS course in 2003. It is only 2004 when two new faculty members (Professor-1, Lecturer-1) joined the Department and took initiatives to combine both the courses with integrated MLIS Course of two years duration which was offered from 2005 academic session. The same year the Department also extended Ph. D. Program in Library & Information Science. Two more faculty members (Reader-1, & Lecturer-1) joined in 2005. The Department further took initiative to commence M. Phil. Programme in 2007 which was the first course not only in Mizoram University but in the North East Region as well.

The integrated MLIS Course was revised and implemented with effect from the academic session 2011-12. It was revised in 2012-13 and adopted Choice Based Credit System as per the UGC instructions. The MLIS syllabus was further revised in 2015 as per the guidelines of UGC, The latest MLIS syllabus, 2015 is available here.

The M.Phil and Ph.D course work syllabus was also revised in 2017 as per the latest guidelines of the UGC and credit system was adopted. The latest M.Phil and Ph.D course work syllabus, 2017 is available here.

Right from the 2004 till date the Department organized a number of continuing education programmes like Seminars/Conferences/Workshops/Training Programmes, Refresher Courses so as to provide professional exposure and competency development not only for the benefit of Mizoram Library & Information Professionals but also at the Regional and National level.

To trace a brief genealogy, the Department was functioning in a small rented building located in Chanmari in 2002 & 2003. It was only 2004, the Department was shifted to another rented building in Ramhlun Road which was comparatively more spacious than the old building. The Department moved to its own campus located at Tanhril in 2008 and started functioning till 2012 temporarily in School of Social Sciences. Now, it is functioning in its own two storeyed building.

Right from the beginning, it was a great challenge to the Department to start an up-to-date and need based MLIS course, developing other infrastructure like Computer Laboratory, Department Library, and Learning Resources and strengthen with more Teaching and Non-teaching Staff. It was only in 2010, two more Lecturers joined the Department and as on date it has full strength with eight faculty members. As of now i.e, 2017, the Department is equipped with 8 faculties (Professor-4 and Asst. Professor-4), 1- Technical Assistant. The other staffs of the Dept. include 1- LDC, and 1- Peon.

Mission of the Department:
The mission of the Department include:

  • Providing quality based education to develop strength to compete national and international field
  • Providing meaningful education to meet the current demands of the library
  • Developing skill and competencies among the students so as to prove them a productive asset in the library
  • Building library skills and information literacy.

The vision of the Department rests on the principle of developing knowledge based society so as to make a free flow of information and access to it by all communities in the region. Perpetrated with the mission, the Department commits to excellence in service which substantially meets the objectives of the various colleges and university libraries and promotes lifelong learning.  The vision also include:

  • Providing adequate and sustainable educational strength to meet the changing needs of the society
  • Developing leadership quality in managing the libraries and providing quality based services for sustainable education and research.
  • Equipping the students to meet the 21st century workforce for libraries and academia
  • Strengthening information literacy among the students
  • Encouraging lifelong learning, continuous improvement and research.

The aim and objective of the Department is to equip the libraries with technical manpower for effective services to the user communities. The objectives of   Library and Information Science course are to:

  • Provide  students  an  understanding  of  the  basic  principles  and  fundamental  laws  of  library  and  information  science and enable  them  to  understand  and  appreciate  the  functions  and  purposes  of  the  libraries  in  the  changing  social  and  academic  set-up  of  North  East, India.
  • Train  the  students  in  the  techniques  of modern methods in   librarianship  and  management  of  libraries.
  • Acquaint  the  students  with  the  structure  and  development  of   the  Universe  of  Knowledge  and  Research  Methods.
  • Make  the  students  proficient  in  advanced  techniques  of  Classification,  Cataloguing  and  Documentation,  and
  • Develop  specialized  knowledge and skills  in  respect  of  organization  and  management  of  different  kinds  of  libraries  and  reading  materials.

 Research Areas/ Overviews:
The research areas undertaken by the faculties of the Department include,
Bibliometrics, Scientometrics, ICT in Library and Information Services, Knowledge Management in Libraries, Use of Library resources, Information Needs and Seeking Behaviour, Library Cataloguing, Academic Library System, Public Library System, Inf. Systems and Networks, Web Learning, ICT Application in Libraries, Webometrics, Digital Library, Information Technology, Information Literacy
Important Information:
The Department is running 2 years integrated course in MLIScience with an intake of 25 students, M.Phil with an intake capacity of 5 and 1 (in-service) candidates and Ph.D.

The Department conducts Curriculum Stipulated Study Tour in 3rd Semester to keep the students abreast with the lively situation prevailing in advanced/ special libraries, university libraries, information centes etc. in the metropolitan cities in India.