Academic Calender

Created on Friday, 06 September 2013

Guidelines for preparing Academic Calender :


1)  The University/Colleges shall have at least 180 teaching days i.e. 36 weeks of actual teaching in a 5

     day week in a year.

2)  In the University and Colleges, 6 weeks shall be devoted to admission/examination/preparation for


3)  The University and College shall have a vacation of 8 weeks.

4)  The University / Colleges shall have 2 weeks public holidays.


The above is summarized as follows:


              No  of  Weeks
36 (180 days) 
36 (180 days)
(a) Admission/ Examination Preparation for Examination and Co-curricular Activities
(b) Vacation
(c) Public Holidays(to increase and adjust teaching days accordingly)


Note: i)  Wherever the actual teaching days exceeds 180 days, 1/3 of the period in excess of 180 days

              may be credited as earned leave to the teachers of the University.


6.  The list of academic holidays for the University and Colleges shall be as notified by the University.

7.  In addition to the holidays notified by the University, the Principals of the Affiliated Colleges shall be

     competent to declare local holidays according to their need and significance of the day under

     intimation to the University.

8.  Winter vacation for the Colleges shall be fixed by the Principals of the respective Colleges subject

     to Clause 6 above.


I.  Academic Calendar (Post-Graduate):


Notification for admission : Last week of April
Last date of submission of PG/MPhil/Pre PhD admission forms

: 30th June or 14 days from the date of declaration of Mizoram University U.G

   Final Year results

Commencement of 1st & 3rd Semester, MPhil and Pre-PhD courses : 1st Working Day of August
Examinations of 1st & 3rd Semester : 1st -  18th December
Examinations of MPhil & Pre- PhD : 1st week of December
Winter Vacation : 19th December to 18th February
Commencement of 2nd & 4th  Semester Classes : 19th February
Examinations of 2nd & 4th Semester : 1st July to 19th July
Semester Break : 20th  July to 31st  July

II. Academic Calendar (Under-Graduate)


Commencement of 1st, 3rd & 5th Semester classes : 1st June
Examinations of of 1st, 3rd & 5th Semester classes : 17th October - 4th November
Mid Semester Break : 5th - 13th November
Commencement of 2nd, 4th & 6th Semester classes : 14th November
Examinations of 2nd, 4th & 6th Semester classes : 1st - 21st May
Winter Vacation : 17th December - 16th January


III. Academic Calendar (B.Tech and Management):

Commencement of odd semester classes :1st Workig day of August
Examination of odd semesters :1st December - 18th December 
Winter Vacation :19th December - 14th January
Commencement of even semester classes :15th January
Examination of even semesters :27th May - 14th June
Summer Vacation :15th June - 19th July
Admission period / Semester Break :20th July - 31st July