Department of Environmental Science

Department of Environmental Science
Head: Prof. Bhanu Prakash Mishra

Contact No.: 0389-2330532/ 2330385; 9436352193 (M)
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About the Department:

The Department was established and started functioning from July 2002 with the name FEBES (Forest Ecology, Biodiversity & Environmental Science), and later on renamed as Department of Environmental Science. Presently, the Department is running with seven regular faculty i.e., Two Professors and Five Assistant Professors, against 8 sanctioned posts. The number of supporting staff in the Department is amounting to Three (one each as a UDC, Technical Assistant and MTS). The academics of the Department are focused on the teaching and research activities.

In addition, the `Biodiversity Research Centre`, of the Department of Environmental Science  strengthens R&D programme at a large. The Biodiversity Research Centre is aimed to extensive researches on the aspects like- biodiversity inventory and conservation on sustained basis, xploration of ethno-medicinal wealth, natural regeneration, eco-restoration of degraded ecosystem and  environmental awareness. The Department has maintained `Botanical Garden` with `Biodiversity Park` within the university campus to facilitate researches on biodiversity conservation under controlled field condition. The Herbarium established in the Department has a large depository for plant specimen.

The Department of Environmental Science along with the `Biodiversity Research Centre` is actively engaged in the researches on the aspects pertaining to the changing environment at the global, regional and local levels. The basic laboratory equipments required to conduct researches on various aspects of studies are available.

The major thrust areas identified under R&D programme are:

  • Water pollution & management.
  • Biodiversity & conservation.
  • Exploration of Forest Resources (Timber & Non-Timber) with emphasis on ethno-medicinal wealth.
  • Eco-restoration of degraded ecosystems.

Mission and Vision:

  • Recognition as a leading centre for researches on various aspects particularly, environmental pollution, climate change, biodiversity conservation, eco-restoration of degraded ecosystems and natural resources management.
  • Standardization of services through quality education and generation of skilled human.
  • Exploration of biodiversity with emphasis on ethno-medicinal wealth for entire state, and compilation at a glance.
  • Formulation of water management, biodiversity conservation and land restoration strategies, and transfer of techniques from laboroatory to field, following integrated approach involving scientists, NGO`s and rural indigenous people for effective implementation.
  • Optimization of environment awareness programmes especially in rural areas and/or for rural indigenous people for better understanding towards cleaner-greener-ecofriendly environment and biodiversity conservation on sustained basis.
  • Strengthening dissemination of scientific knowledge among scientists in terms of organizing/attending conferences/training programmes, and establishing collaborating programmes with other National and International Institutions to encourage exchange programmes for teachers and students through MoU.
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