DBT BioNEST Incubator

MZU BioNEST – BEM (Bioincubator Nurturing Entrepreneurship for Scaling Technologies in the field of Bioprospecting and Environmental Management) is a biotechnology incubator to assist start up enterprises in accelerating development and commercialization of new technologies by providing incubator space and state of the art “Plug & Play” laboratories. BioNEST is a facility funded by the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council, Department of Biotechnology (DBT) to provide infrastructure and scientific support to researchers, investors and entrepreneurs looking to transform innovations in life sciences, medical technology and environmental sciences into viable and successful enterprises.

The incubation centre fulfils the Mizoram University’s vision of “The Cutting Edge Science Technology that engages students, researchers, faculty and others in the region”. The Bio-Incubator at MZU is a collaborative activity between a team of high quality researchers in the institution and researchers or research-users in several companies or organizations in and around MZU, where the nature of research is related to production or improvement of natural resources employing life science and entrepreneurship tools. The Bio-Incubator at MZU will focus on new and emerging technologies, multidisciplinary and translational research in the areas of Biological Sciences/ Biotechnology.

1. Initiate, expand and deepen the incubation service and related Social entrepreneurship initiatives in the area of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Community based rural livelihood resources at Mizoram University.
2. Creation of state-of-art infrastructure and intellectual resources, IPR and Social Entrepreneurship environment for budding entrepreneurs
3. Provide training programs in emerging technologies for incubates.

The facility at MZU BioNEST spans over 10,000 square feet at Mizoram University with state of the art instrumentation facilities including-

High Speed Cooling Centrifuge         UV-Vis Spectrophotometer                Orbital Shaker

CO2 Incubator                                                 BOD Incubator                       Rotary Evaporator

Water Bath                                                      Vertical Autoclave                  pH Meter

Millipore Water Purification Units                 Horizontal Autoclave              Analytical Balance

Refrigerator (400L)                                         Laminar Airflow                     -20 Freezer (350L)

Cold room                   Dry Grinder for turmeric and mushrooms                  Ultrasonicator

Hot air oven

Vice Chancellor:

Prof. KRS Rao


Prof. Lalnundanga


Dr. H. Lalhruaitluanga, Coordinator

Prof. N Senthil Kumar, Co-Coordinator

Prof. Lalnilawma, Co-Coordinator

Prof  K. R. S. Sambasiva Rao

Vice-Chancellor, MZU

Dr. Vanlalthlana

Member of Legislative Assembly

Dr. F. Lalnunmawia

Member of Legislative Assembly

Dr. Elizabeth Saipari

Director, Department of Horticulture, GoM

Dr. C. Lalrinchhana

Secretary, EDC Board

H. Lalchhandami

SPD & Chief Executive Officer, FOCUS, GoM

R. K. Nithanga

State Project Director & CEO, MzRLM

Dr. H. Lalhruaitluanga

Coordinator & Assistant Professor

Prof. N. Senthil Kumar

Co-Coordinator & Professor, MZU

Prof. Lalnilawma

Co-Coordinator & Professor, MZU

Dr. H. Lalhruaitluanga

Coordinator & Assistant Professor, MZU

Prof. N. Senthil Kumar

Co-Coordinator & Professor, MZU

Dr. Lalnilawma

Co-Coordinator & Associate Professor, MZU

C. Lalruatsanga

Chief Executive Officer, MZU BioNEST

Dr. John Zothanzama

Nodal Officer, MZU

Dr. Laldinliana Varte

Assistant Professor, MZU

Dr. Chhungpuii Khawlhring

Assistant Professor, MZU

Dr. H. Lalhruaitluanga

Department of Biotechnology

Dr. Lalnilawma

Department of Extension Education and Rural Development

Prof. N. Senthil Kumar

Department of Biotechnology

Dr. Thangjam Robert Singh

Department of Biotechnology

Dr. Bhim Pratap Singh

Department of Biotechnology

Prof. S. K. Mehta

Department of Botany

Dr. Chhungpuii Khawlhring

Department of Horticulture, Aromatic and Medicinal Plants

Dr. Awadesh Kumar

Department of Horticulture, Aromatic and Medicinal Plants

Dr. Himjyoti Dutta

Department of Food Technology

Dr. Zodinpuia Pachuau

Department of Chemistry

Dr. John Zothanzama

Department of Environmental Science

Dr. Lalhmingliana

Department of Computer Engineering

Dr. James L.T. Thanga

Department of Economics

Dr. C. Lalnuntluanga


Dr. K. Lalromawia

Department of Management

Dr. B. Lalzarliana

Department of Sociology

Prof. G.Gurusubramanian

Department of Zoology

  1. PB Lalrinfela, Tribeland Coffee
  2. Henry Saingura, Food Myco Lab
  3. Lalrinpuii Hmar, Blue Montis
  1. C. Lalruatsanga (CEO)
  2. Dr. Lallawmsanga (Scientific Officer)
  3. Lalthafala (Technical Assistant)