Social Work Courses

Courses conducted :


    I Semester

MSW 101:       Foundations of Social Work Practice
MSW 102:       Social , Economic and Political Environment
MSW 103:       Human Growth and Development
MSW 104:       Working with Individuals
MSW 105:       Working with Groups
MSW 106:       Field Practicum


 II Semester  

MSW 201:       Working with  Communities
MSW 202:       Social Work Research
MSW 203:       Social Work in Health and Mental Health
MSW 204:       Social Work with Families
MSW 205:       Social Work with Children
MSW 206:        Field Practicum


III Semester  

MSW 301:       Social Welfare Management
MSW 302:       Social Policy and Planning
MSW 303:       Social Legislation
MSW 304:       Rural and Urban Development
MSW 305:       Youth Work
MSW 306:       Field Practicum


     IV Semester   

MSW 401:     Integrated Social Work Practice
MSW 402:     Social Development
MSW 403:     Women and Development
MSW 404:     Tribal Development
MSW 405:     Counselling: Theory and Practice
MSW 406:     Field Practicum
                    Block Placement

Field Practicum Details

    Semester I, Concurrent Field Work:

Observation Visits
Viva Voce

Semester II, Concurrent Field Work:   

Rural Camp
Viva Voce

Semester III, Concurrent Field Work:   

Community Placement
Study Tour
Panel Discussion
Viva Voce

Semester IV, Concurrent Field Work:   

Community Placement
Project Report
Panel Discussion
Viva Voce

Block Placement:   

Six Weeks Placement