Political Science Course

Courses conducted :

First Semester

 C-1 : Western Political Theory.
 C-2 : Modern Indian Political Thought.
 C-3 : Indian Govt. & Politics.
 C-4 : Comparative Politics.


Second Semester

 C-5 : Politics of Developing Countries.
 C-6 : Contemporary Political Issues.
 C-7 : Theories of International Relations
 C-8 : Major Ideas & Issues in Pub. Admn


Third Semester

 C-9   : Research Methodology.
 C-10 : Contemporary Political Theory.
 C-11 : Political Ideologies. (Optional)
 C-12: Indian Political Economy.(Optional)


Fourth Semester

 C-21 : State Politics in India
 C-22 : The Govt. & Politics in the Hill Areas of North East India.
 C-23 : Indian Foreign Policy. (Optional)
 C-24 : Political Sociology. (Optional)