List of events:

a. Past events:

1) Regional Seminar on Crop processing Technology in Entrepreneurship and Management held on 2nd December, 2010. Funding from Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology, New Delhi.

2) Regional Seminar cum Workshop on Export Marketing and Documentation Procedures during 15-17 February, 2011. Funding from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Kolkata.

3) Regional Seminar on Disability Rehabilitation of Development of Human Resources: Exploring the Possibilities held on 25th March, 2011. Funding from National Institute of Orthopaedically Handicapped, New Delhi.

4) Regional Seminar on Disability Management programme in Community based Disability Management on 29th March, 2012. Funding from National Institute of Orthopaedically Handicapped, Kolkata.

5) National Seminar on Entrepreneurship for Economic Development in India with a Special Reference to North Eastern Region: Challenges and Opportunities held on 26-27 February, 2013. Funding from ICCSR, New Delhi.

6) National Seminar on Branding North East India for Tourism Destination: Issues and Challenges held on 21-22 March, 2014. Funding from Mizoram University.

7) National Seminar on Corporate Governance In India: Emerging Issues & Challenges held on 27-28 August, 2015. Funding from ICAI, New Delhi.

8) National Seminar on Women Entrepreneurship in North East India: Issues and Challenges held on 17–18 September, 2015. Funding from National Commission for Women, New Delhi.

9) A two week Capacity Building Programme for Social Sciences Faculty Members from 22nd May, 2017 to 3rd June, 2017.Funding from ICSSR, New Delhi.

10) Awareness Programme on Bio-Fuel as a part programme of World Bio-Fuel Day held on 11th August 2017. Funded by Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, New Delhi.

b. Tentative list of events for 2014:

National Seminar on Agribusiness and Carbon Management to be held on 30-31, October, 2017.