English Course

Created on Monday, 16 September 2013


Students Enrollment:

PhD 8
MPhil 0
FirstSemester 21
ThirdSemester 21


Student intake capacity : 25


Courses conducted for M.A : (new revised syllabus with effect from August 2008) 

I Semester   : Poetry I, Drama I, Fiction I, Literary Criticism  

II Semester  : Poetry-II, Drama-II, Fiction-II, Introduction to Critical Theory

III Semester : Poetry-III, Indian Writing in English, American Literature I,
                       Options 1. Gender & Literature
                                    2. Non-Fictional Writing
                                    3. European Fiction in Translation

IV Semester : Narratives of the North-East, New Literatures in English, American     Literature II,
                      Options  1. Indian Fiction in Translation
                                    2. Popular Literature
                                    3. Children's Literature

Three-semester M.Phil. Course : (new syllabus with effect from August 2008)

PART : A Ist Semester (Compulsory)
   1.  Composition and Research Methodology
   2.  Contemporary Critical Theory and Literature


PART : B Ist Semester (Optional Courses)
   1.  Indian Literature in English and in English Translation
   2.  Literature of the Indian Diaspora.
   3.  The Multi-Ethnic / Cultural Voices: The American Experience (Literatures of 
        African-American, Jewish-American, Native-American, Asian-American)
   4.  Contemporary British Fiction
   5.  New Literatures in English
   6.  Women's Writing
   7.  Ethnographic/ Tribal Narratives
   8.  Dalit Writing

Dissertation Writing (IInd & IIIrd Semester)