Education Events


List of the Events conducted by the department : (past/present/future) conducted by the department:

a)      Past events : (List of past events will be put up as attachment). ATTACHMENT-I

b)      Coming Events:

   i)    Seminar, Conference, Workshop etc.
          The Department has scheduled to organise ‘Two Days National Conference on Teacher Education: Present Scenario and Future Prospects’ (with special reference to North East India) during 24th -25th March 2016. Dr. Loknath Mishra will coordinate the event.
  ii)    Refresher Course:
         The Department is planning to conduct the refresher course for Teacher Educators to be organised by UGC-HRDC, Mizoram University in the year 2016. Prof. R. P. Vadhera, Head, Department of education will coordinate the programme.