General Administration DepartmentII

Functions :

i) Detailment of all MZU Vehicles and Hired Buses

ii) Maintenance of all MZU vehicles

iii) All matters relating to Estate

iv) Minor repair and maintenance of University buildings / infrastructure

v) Purchase of pure drinking water

vi) Purchase of all MZU sign boards

vii) Clearing of Garbage/Jungle within MZU Campus

viii) Accommodation and Hospitality

ix) Matters relating to Housekeeping Staff, Malis and Security Guards

x) Protecting demarcation / boundaries of University land.

xi) Purchase & Maintenance of Furniture,Equipment & Stationery items

xii) Maintenance of Stock Register

xiii) Furnishing and maintaining bungalows of Statutory Officers of the University

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 (1) Establishment of Non-Teaching Staff & GAD

(2) Despatch of all Daks

(3) Maintenance of Telephone.

(4) Newspapers

(5) Students correspondence

(6) P.G. Hostels.


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